Annual Reports 2002

Role of Invasive Species in Shaping Plant-Animal Interactions in the Mobile Delta (PDF)
Anne Boettcher, Timothy Sherman, and John Valentine
University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Synthesis and Characterization of an Electrochemical Peptide Nucleic Acid Probe (PDF)
Naomi F. Campbell
University of South Alabama

Characteristics of Ship Waves and Wind Waves in Mobile Bay (PDF)
Q. Jim Chen and Scott L. Douglass
Department of Civil Engineering, University of South Alabama

Methods Comparison Between Stripping Voltammetry and Plasma Emission Spectroscopy for Metals in Mobile Bay (PDF)
Scott C. Dorman and Wayne C. Isphording
University of South Alabama

Stabilization of eroding shorelines in estuarine wave climates with constructed fringe wetlands incorporating offshore breakwaters (PDF)
Scott L. Douglass and Judy Stout
University of South Alabama

Fisheries-induced changes in the structure and function of shallow water ‘nursery habitats’: an experimental assessment (PDF)
Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., John F. Valentine, Jim Cowan, Dennis DeVries
Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Holocene sedimentary history of Weeks Bay, AL: human and natural impacts on deposition in a Gulf Coast estuary. Tear Three Progress Report (PDF)
D. Haywick and M. Fearn
University of South Alabama

Shelter bottlenecks and self-regulation in blue crab populations: Assessing the roles of nursery habitats and juvenile interactions for shelter dependent organisms (PDF)
Per-Olav Moksnes, Kenneth L. Heck, Jr.
Dauphin Island Sea Lab, University of South Alabama

Osmolytes and Their Role as Antioxidants in the Salt Marsh Macrophyte Spartina alterniflora (PDF)
Ronald P. Kiene, and Joseph D. Husband
The University of South Alabama

The Role of Land-Use/Land-Cover and River/River-Margin Denitrification in the Regulation of Nitrogen Delivery to the Mobile Bay Ecosystem (PDF)
Jonathan R. Pennock and Ronald P. Kiene
Dauphin Island Sea Lab/University of South Alabama

Effects of variation in river discharge and wind-driven resuspension on lower trophic levels of the Mobile Bay ecosystem (PDF)
Ronald P. Kiene, Jonathan Pennock, Jean Cowan
University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The paradox of the Delta: Protecting the biodiversity we do not yet understand (PDF)
JW McCreadie1 and PH Adler2
University of South Alabama1 and Clemson University

Evaluating trophic processes as indicators of anthropogenic eutrophication in coastal ecosystems: an exploratory analyses (PDF)
Just Cebrian
Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Effects of anthropogenic eutrophication on the magnitude and trophic fate of microphytobenthic production in estuaries (PDF)
Just Cebrian and Jonathan Pennock
Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Evaluation of Alabama Estuaries as Developmental Habitat for Juvenile Sea Turtles;’ Are Alabama Estuaries a Major Developmental Habitat for Juvenile Sea Turtles? (PDF)
David Nelson, Thane Wibbels, Ken Marion
University of South Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Natural Biogeochemical Tags of Striped Mullet, Mugil cephalus, Estuarine Nursery Areas in the North Central Gulf of Mexico (PDF)
Alvin P. Rainosek1, William F. Patterson1, and James H. Cowan2
1University of South Alabama, 2Louisiana State University

Effects of salinity stress on natural and anthropogenically-derived bacteria in estuarine environments (PDF)
Ronald P. Kiene
University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Resolution of sedimentation rates in impacted coastal environments using 137Cs and 210Pb markers: Dog River and Fowl River embayments (PDF)
Justin M. Sanders, Douglas W. Haywick, Miriam L. Fearn
Departments of Physics and Earth Sciences, University of South Alabama

Investigation of the use of pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorometry as an indicator of submerged aquatic vegetation health in Mobile Bay (PDF)
Timothy Sherman
University of South Alabama

The influence of shallow water hydrodynamics on the importance of seagrass detritus in estuarine food webs (PDF)
John F. Valentine, Anna M. Cinkovich
University of South Alabama

Food web interactions, spatial subsidies and the flow of energy between the Mobile Bay delta and offshore waters: A SGER proposal to the Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies (PDF)
John F. Valentine, Timothy Sherman, and James H. Cowan
University of South Alabama

Development of Nested 3-D Large Eddy Simulation Modeling of the Mobile Bay Estuary (PDF)
Z. C. Zheng, K. White
Kansas State University, University of South Alabama



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