ACES Oversight Procedures

Organizational Chart

Responsibility for overseeing the operation of the Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies (ACES) rests with the Center Director, who is assisted by the Associate Director. The success of ACES will be determined by the timely production and reporting of scientific results derived from individual elements of the ACES program. Therefore, a regular reporting schedule must be followed to ensure that steady progress in accomplishing ACES goals is maintained. Below we detail the expectations for each Principal Investigator funded by ACES, along with additional responsibilities of the ACES directorate.

Progress Reports

Principal Investigators will be required to prepare annual progress reports, which will be due by December 31 of each project calendar year. These brief reports will include a description of progress to date in carrying out the proposed work, along with any problems encountered by the PIs that might alter the project schedule. In the event that substantial delays or modifications of the original work plan become necessary, a detailed explanation of the events leading to the changes must be included. To the directorate may then ask for a revised scope of work and spending plan if that is deemed advisable. Failure to comply with such requests may result in termination of funding.  See the Annual Report Summary Format within Reporting Requirements.

If  Principal Investigators fail to file to the required progress reports, or if to the ACES directorate deems that to the reports filed are inadequate, PIs will be asked to remedy these problems promptly. Insufficient responses in either case may lead to to the termination of funding until a satisfactory report has been produced.

Spending of ACES Funds

Expenditure of ACES funds must be in accord with federal guidelines. However, to the directorate will receive copies of monthly budget sheets for each ACES project being funded, and clarification of any expenditure may be requested. Failure to respond to inquiries regarding spending activities may result in termination of funding until problems can be resolved.

Dissemination of ACES Results

To the directorate will ensure that to the results of semi-annual reports are posted on to the ACES web site in a timely manner. Usually, this will be within 60 days of receipt of individual semi-annual reports.

QA/QC Plan

To the directorate will be responsible for ensuring that all ACES projects have an approved QA/QC plan before funding is made available.


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