You will find that becoming a member of a sorority will have a profound effect on your daughter’s life. According to the Research Initiative conducted by The Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri-Columbia, membership in a fraternity or sorority has several positive impacts. Fraternity or sorority membership increased student retention approximately 28% more than non-Greek students. Greek alumni also tend to be more successful financially than other graduates. After factoring out the effects of parents’ education level, gender and year of graduation, the Center found fraternity or sorority membership correlated positively with higher income. The study also found that Greeks are more involved in campus and community activities both as students and as graduates. Click here to read a letter to parents from Brigette Soderlind, Coordinator of Greek Life.

Another benefit of membership in AOII is that your daughter will participate in outstanding chapter programming. Many practical and necessary educational lessons are never taught in the classroom. Through our educational programs, your daughter will learn many important “life-skills” including time management, alcohol awareness, and safety.

Beyond the lifelong friendships made in college, there are many advantages our members enjoy throughout their lives. AOII alumnae, wherever they live, are welcome to participate in an alumnae chapter. Whether your daughter chooses to live in her hometown or move to an entirely new city, she will find a network of AOII friends who are always there to support her.

Her affiliation with AOII can also help her in her future career. Whether it is networking with other sisters or using communication and leadership skills learned while in the chapter, many members attribute their career success, in some part, to AOII. 

AOII parents provide enormous help to collegiate chapters for which we are very grateful. You may find that you enjoy working with your daughter’s chapter and remaining active in her life at college.  Your daughter has just made one of the most important decisions of her life. She has chosen to become a member of Alpha Omicron Pi!

Because AOII has become a part of your daughter’s life, we would like to introduce you to our Fraternity and to the role it will play in guiding your daughter through her college years. In AOII she will find lifelong friends, support to help her excel in her studies, opportunities for leadership development and community service; and she will make some of the most incredible memories of her life.

The rich traditions of Alpha Omicron Pi will become a part of your daughter’s everyday life. Her days in AOII will be full of big/little sister activities, sisterhood retreats, fund raisers, community service, social activities, and so much more. She will participate in the Rituals of AOII, which are simple and beautiful ceremonies based on love for each other and the world.

A tradition you will not find in AOII is hazing. AOII has absolutely no tolerance for hazing in any way, shape, or form. Alcohol abuse and misuse is one of the biggest issues facing collegians today. AOII is committed to working with our collegians to educate them on the effects of alcohol comsumption and to increase their awareness. AOII has also developed an award-winning, educational program on suicide awareness and prevention, as well as other important issues facing college women today.

As a new member, your daughter will wear a new member pin in the shape of a sheaf of wheat, symbolizing individuals bound together by common bonds of friendship. Once initiated she will receive her membership badge formed of the Greek letters of AOII superimposed on top of each other. The badge is designed to represent simplicity and singleness of heart.

We hope to see you at the following events scheduled for the 2011 - 2012 school year:

Mother-Daughter Tea - Fall 2011

Parents' Day - Spring 2012

Father-Daughter Day - TBA

Please look for invitations in the mail about a month prior to each event

Would you like to become a member of AOII?

Membership is available to mothers of AOIIs who are not initiated members of another NPC organization.

You can find an application and more information about our Alumnae Initiation program on our International website:

We are inspired and committed to our founding principles and are guided by the following values:

trusting and respecting each other

building lifelong friendships

contributing time, talent and financial resources

promoting integrity 

developing leaders

striving for excellence

encouraging innovation and creativity

using teamwork and collaboration 

 acting philanthropically 

being a living example

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