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This minor in African American Studies provides an interdisciplinary investigation of the experiences, conditions, origins, accomplishments, and contributions of people of African ancestry in the United States. Students may deepen their appreciation and understanding of African Americans by studying their earlier history in Africa, their transition to the New World, and their diasporan experiences in other parts of the world. The program is comprised of eighteen courses offered through seven departments of instruction within the College of Arts and Sciences.

The minor in African American Studies takes advantage of those characteristics of the African American experience that make it uniquely valuable for serious academic study and teaching, for it exposes students to the diversity and unity of the African American experience as well as to the similarities and differences among the cultures of Africa.

Core Requirements

  1. AFR 101, Introduction of African-American Studies (three semester hours). This course is to be taken immediately after the African-American Studies minor is declared.
  2. At least one humanities and one social sciences courses selected from the African-American Studies course offerings. (See below.)
  3. The election of additional courses to bring the total credits to at least 21 hours to be determined by the faculty advisor in consultation with each student participating in the minor program.

African-American Studies Course Offerings
AFR 101 (Required)

Humanities Courses
EH 242
EH 468
PHL 331

Social Science Courses
HY 262
HY 279
HY 321
HY 326
HY 435
HY 477
HY 478
PSC 364
PSY 270
SY 315
SY 435
SY 445

ARH 250
ARH 343

A description of these courses may be found under the appropriate departments.

Descriptions of all African-American Studies (AFR) courses

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