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 AS101 The Air Force Today I 1 cr
Study of the Air Force in the contemporary world. The course examines the U.S. Air Force mission and organization, officership and pro-fessionalism, military customs and courtesies, and an introduction to community skills. Leadership laboratory activities are included.

AS 102 The Air Force Today II 1 cr
Study of the Air Force in the contemporary world. The course examines the U.S. Air Force organization, oral and written communication, Air Force officer opportunities, Air Force installation, and group leadership exercises. Leadership laboratory activities are included.

AS 201 The Air Force Way I 1 cr
Study of the development of air power from balloons and dirigibles up to the Korean Conflict. Students will be introduced to the Air Force methods of effective communication. Leadership laboratory activities are included.

AS 202 The Air Force Way II 1 cr
Study of air power following the Korean War. Course deals with the peaceful employment of U.S. air power in relief missions and civic actions program in the late 1960s and the air war in South Asia. It also covers the buildup of air power during the 1980s and the changes brought about by Desert Storm. Leadership laboratory activities include preparation for field training.

AS 250 Leadership Laboratory 0 cr
Practical application/utilization of skills and knowledge learned in the General Military Course for those students who have not yet qualified for attendance in the Field Training Course and the Professional Officer Course who wish to remain current in Air Force Studies. Prerequisite: Completion of GMC Required. Course is graded S/U.

Enrollment in the Professional Officer Course (POC) requires advanced selection and approval by the PAS. Applications are normally accepted during the year prior to POC enrollment. Cadets must be mentally and physically fit.

AS 301 Air Force Leadership and 3 cr Management I (W)
Integrated management course emphasizing the individual as a manager in an Air Force milieu. The individual motivation and behavioral processes, leadership, ethics, communications, and group dynamics provide a foundation or the development of the junior officer’s professional skills as an Air Force officer. The basic managerial processes involving decision-making, and the use of analytic aids in planning, organizing, and controlling in a changing environment are emphasized. Laboratory provides opportunities for practical application of leadership skills. Prerequisite: Completion of all AS 100- and 200-level courses and the completion of a four-week summer field training program or completion of a five-week summer field training program.

AS 302 Air Force Leadership and Management II 3 cr
Organizational and personal values, quality management of forces in change, organizational power, politics, managerial strategy and tactics, military justice, and administrative laws are discussed within the context of the military organization. Actual Air Force cases are used to enhance the learning and communicative processes. Leadership laboratory include. Prerequisite: AS 301.

AS 401 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society I 3 cr
Focuses on the Armed Forces as an integral element of society. Emphasizes the broad range of American civil-military relations, the environmental context in which U.S. defense policy is formulated and implemented, the societal attitudes toward the military, and the role of the professional military leader-manager in a democratic society. Each student prepares individual and group presentations for the class, writes reports, and participates in group discussions and seminars. Laboratory provides opportunities for practical application of leadership skills. Prerequisite: AS 302.

AS 402 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society II 3 cr
Stresses the fundamental values and socialization process associated with the Armed Services; the requisites for maintaining adequate national security forces; the political, economics, and social constraints on the national defense structure; the impact of technological and international developments on strategic preparedness; and the manifold variables involved in the formulation and implementation of national policy. Leadership laboratory included. Prerequisite: AS 401.

AS 494 Directed Study 1-3 cr
Students will receive individual instructor guidance and prepare a formal report/research paper on some aspect of Air Force operations.


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