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GEO 101 Atmospheric Processes and Patterns 4 cr
Introduces students to the natural science branch of geography. Emphasizes earth-sun relationships, weather and climate, vegetables, and soil. Fee. Core Course.
GEO 102 Landscape Processes and Patterns 4 cr
Introduces students to the natural science branch of geography. Emphasizes spatial patterns and processes related to natural landscape regions. Emphasizes landforms. Fee. Core Course.
GEO 114 Introduction to Human Geography 3 cr
This course introduces students to the social sciences branch of geography. Emphasis is placed on the location, spatial arrangement, and spatial interaction of the human environment which includes: population, culture, geopolitics, economic activity, and settlements. Core Course.
GEO 115 World Regional Geography 3 cr
A survey of the major regions of the world, excluding North America, and the interrelationship of environmental, cultural, economic and political factors that characterize each. Core Course.
GEO 290 Special Topics 1-3 cr
Geographic topics not covered in current geography courses.
GEO 310 Environmental Earth Sciences 3 cr
A spatial perspective on major global environmental problems. Topics include population pressure; loss of biodiversity; ozone depletion; global warming; water, energy and mineral resources, food supplies, waste disposal, geologic hazards, and political/economic forces. (Identical to GY 310). Prerequisites: GEO 102 or permission of the instructor.
GEO 312 World Economic Geography (W) 3 cr
An inquiry into the production, exchange, and consumption of goods by people in different areas of the world. Topics studied range from subsistence agriculture to commercial manufacturing, with particular emphasis placed upon societal diversity and the physical environment. Prerequisite: GEO 114.
GEO 313 Geography of Anglo-America 3 cr
An analysis of the environmental, historical, cultural and economic factors that create the spatial patterns, development processes and distinctiveness of Canada and the United States. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or GEO 115.
GEO 314 Geography of Europe 3 cr
An analysis of the environmental, historical, social and economic factors that create the diversity of countries and their unique spatial characteristics on the subcontinent of Europe. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or GEO 115.
GEO 315 The Geography of Latin America 3 cr
A systematic survey of Latin American landscapes. Attention is directed to natural resources, human activities, and regional differentiation. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or GEO 115.
GEO 320 Alabama Geography (W) 3 cr
Spatial study of physical and human features in Alabama. Includes geomorphology, climate, vegetation, agriculture, development, population, and environmental issues within the state. Prerequisites: GEO 101/102/114.
GEO 321 National Parks Conservation (W) 3 cr
An analysis of the motives and processes for establishing national parks and natural reserves, the primary conversation and preservation issues that face the influences of ecology, politics and culture on their planning and management. U.S. national parks are emphasized. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or GEO 115.
GEO 330 Map Interpretation and Design 3 cr
Advanced map interpretation skills followed by an introduction to mapmaking and cartographic design using basic pen and ink techniques. Prerequisites: GEO 101, 102. Fee.
GEO 331 Computer Cartography (C) 4 cr
A review of the application of computers to quantitative thematic cartography. Prerequisites: CIS 150, GEO 330. Fee.
GEO 332 Introduction to Remote Sensing 4 cr
Introduction to the theory and use of remotely sensed data for analysis of earth surface phenomena. Prerequisite: GEO 330 or permission of the instructor. Fee.
GEO 340 Introduction to Meteorology 4 cr
Analysis of weather phenomena and patterns on a global and local scale. Major topics include the heat balance, stability, precipitation processes, cyclonic activity, severe weather and forecasting techniques. Particular attention is devoted to the jet stream and its effect on surface weather. Prerequisite: GEO 101. Fee. (Identical to MET 340).
GEO 341 Climatology 3 cr
Analysis of global climate as aggregate weather. Component elements, factors controlling distribution, resulting area patterns, and climatic classification are studied. Prerequisite: GEO/MET 340 or MET 353. Fee. (Identical to MET 341).
GEO 365 Urban Geography (W) 3 cr
Concentrates upon the evolution and function of the urban spatial system, and upon the internal spatial structure of an urban area's residential, commercial and industrial land use. Prerequisite: GEO 114.
GEO 370 Geography of Tourism 3 cr
The study of the components of the Tourism industry, their spatial distribution, the environmental and cultural effects of Tourism, and the requisites and techniques for planning tourism development.
GEO 375 Historical Geography of the United States 3 cr
A study of the historical processes of exploration, settlement, environmental modification and land use that have created the spatial patterns and landscapes of modern United States. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or GEO 115.
GEO 381 Cultural Geography (W) 3 cr
Study of the development and differentiation of cultural landscapes and the economic, political, technological and cultural processes that shape them. Prerequisite: GEO 114 or 115.
GEO 410 Biogeography 3 cr
Analysis of spatial patterns of life on earth. Biogeography emphasizes the influence of the physical environment, paleogeography, and past and possible future climate change on biomes and biogeographic realms. Prerequisites: GEO 101 and GEO 102 or special permission.
GEO 411 Soils 3 cr
A review of soil formation, processes and properties. (Identical to GY 411). Prerequisite: GEO 102 or permission of the instructor.
GEO 420 Geostatistics 4 cr
Applied bivariate and multivariate statistics to problems in geology, geography, and meteorology; parametric and non-parametric procedures in correlation, regression, analysis of variance, etc. Time series analysis, trend surface analysis, kriging and analysis of spatial (map) data. (Identical to GY 420).
GEO 435 Research Methods in Geography 3 cr
This course serves as an introduction to geography as a research discipline. Emphasis is placed on geographic problem solving, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Micro computer oriented statistical and mapping packages will be used to analyze geographic data. Prerequisites: Senior Standing, CIS 150, ST 210. Fee.
GEO 440 Coastal Zone Management 2 cr
A review of ecological features and of management policies for coastal communities with a description of relevant federal and state programs.
GEO 441 Coastal Climatology 2 cr
Study of the controlling factors and features of the world's climates, with particular attention to coastal areas, and application and interpretation of climate data.
GEO 442 Applied Remote Sensing 3 cr
Analysis of remotely sensed data for detection, identification, inventory and mapping of earth resources. (Identical to GY 442). Prerequisite: GY 332 or GEO 332. Fee.
GEO 461 Computer Mapping and GIS Technology (C) 4 cr
Techniques for the preparation of Geoscience maps with the aid of desktop computer workstations with emphasis on GIs analysis. Prerequisite: GY 111, GEO 102, CIS 150. Fee.
GEO 480 Field Work in Geography (W) 4 cr
This course trains students in the collection and interpretation of field data. Information collected by measurements, observations, and interviews is integrated into a final written project report dealing with a specific local environmental problem. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Fee.
GEO 490 Special Topics 1-3 cr
Geographic topics not covered in current geography courses.
GEO 492 Seminar 1-3 cr
Departmental seminar investigating a selected field of geography. (Topic announced prior to registration.) May be repeated once when content varies.
GEO 494 Directed Studies 1-4 cr
Independent research in field, laboratory, or library under the direction of a member of the geography faculty. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair.
GEO 496 Internship in Geography 1-3 cr
On-the-job learning through occupational or professional work with an approved firm or agency. Open only to geography majors. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair.
GEO 590 Special Topics 1-6 cr
An in-depth course for advanced students in geography. Topics and titles will be selected to examine the subject matter in an area of current interest to students and in an area of particular faculty expertise. To include specialized topics not currently listed in Bulletin course offerings.

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