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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2002-2003


MKT 320 Principles of Marketing 3 cr
Description and analysis of the institutions involved in the operations required to create and coordinate the kind, quality, and quantity of market transactions necessary to satisfy the need of households, industry, government and international customers. Topics include marketing planning, market segmentation, societal and ethical obligations, and strategies for products, pricing, promotion, and channel decisions. Prerequisites: ACC 211, ECO 215, PSY 120.
MKT 336 International Marketing 3 cr
Examination of cultural, economic, and political factors that affect marketing of goods and services worldwide. Emphasis is on adapting the marketing strategies of domestic marketers to international operations and the institutional structure that exists in international markets. Marketing strategies of firms operating within these markets are also examined. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 340 Introduction to E-Commerce 3 cr
Designed to provide an overview of a new paradigm for business transactions. Focuses on electronic interactions and exchanges amongst businesses and between businesses, and the infrastructure providers as they converge for the purchase and sale of goods, services, ideas, and information over the Internet.
MKT 350 Internet Marketing 3 cr
Examination of the interactive processes and transactions involved in satisfying the needs of consumers, businesses, and government. Involves the study of marketing planning, consumer research, segmentation, and Implementation of marketing strategies on the Internet in order to accomplish corporate objectives. Prerequisite: MKT 340.
MKT 355 Current Issues in E-Commerce 3 cr
Analyses of current and emerging issues in business transactions over the electronic medium. Study of topics including uniform commercial codes, taxation, payment systems and security, technology/technical standards, infrastructure, content and intellectual protection of property, privacy, censorship, and legal issues and strategies from a business perspective. Examines issues and topics in functional areas of business as they relate to
e-commerce. Prerequisite: MKT 340.
MKT 372 Transportation Systems 3 cr
Basic principles of transportation covering the role of transportation systems, environmental and economic impacts; model components; managerial and economic aspects of the various modes, with applications to both domestic and international operations. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 374 Buyer Behavior 3 cr
A study of the contributions of the behavioral sciences to market information and research, and the use of behavioral data in marketing decisions which pertain to the analysis of consumers and organizational buyers in both domestic and international settings. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 375 Business Logistics 3 cr
Studies the management of information and material flows from their source through the firm to the customer. Topics include customer service, inventory control, facility location, storage, packaging, order-processing, and traffic management for both domestic and international organizations. Intrafirm and interfirm coordination are also discussed. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 376 Industrial Marketing 3 cr
Study and analysis of the industrial market; the participants, channels, and relationships which govern the behavior of industrial buyers and marketers. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 377 Purchasing and Materials Management 3 cr
Comprehensive overview of purchasing and materials management in business, government, and other not-for-profit organizations. Topics include purchasing organization, supplier analysis, negotiation, contracting, materials management, internal and external relations, legal and ethical considerations, and international sourcing. Recommended for students with career interests in purchasing and industrial sales. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 379 Retailing 3 cr
This course focuses on the management of retail operations. Topics include store location and layout, merchandise buying and planning, legal and ethical issues, promotion, pricing, human resource management, financial planning, information systems, and customer services. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 380 Advertising 3 cr
Study of the fundamentals of advertising from a management perspective. Focuses on the business of advertising and its environment in both domestic and international settings; creativity; societal and ethical issues; and media planning and selection. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 382 Product and Services Strategy 3 cr
Systematic examination of strategies involved in tangible and intangible, product decisions. Issues and strategies involved in identifying and implementing the development of new goods and services for both domestic and international markets are examined in depth, as well as the management of mature products. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 384 Market Research 3 cr
Research methods and procedures used to solve marketing problems in consumer and organizational markets, both domestic and international. Prerequisites: BUS 255 and MKT 320.
MKT 385 Sport and Event Marketing 3 cr
Applications of marketing concepts to sporting, cultural, and charitable activities and events. Examines the performance, production, and promotional segments of the sport and event markets. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 405 Advanced Business Logistics Management 3 cr
Capstone course for the transportation concentration. Integrates the logistics activities of shippers with other functional areas, other channel members, and overall organizational strategy. Also examines the marketing, operations, and financial strategies of transportation carriers. Topics include issues in international logistics and transportation. Prerequisites: MKT 372 and 375.
MKT 410 Promotional Strategy for 3 cr
MKT 410 Sport and Event Marketing  
Application of advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling concepts to sporting, cultural, and charitable activities and events. Topics include promotional event planning, media relationship, product merchandising, sponsorships, licensing, endorsements, and trade shows. Prerequisite: MKT 385.
MKT 477 Export-Import Management 3 cr
In-depth examination of exporting and importing with concentration in the areas of international pricing and governmental assistance. Emphasis on the key practices and procedures of packing and documentation. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and 336.
MKT 479 Marketing Policy (W) 3 cr
The capstone course for marketing majors. An integration and application of marketing concepts requiring investigation and analysis of both domestic and international marketing problems. Prerequisites: Senior standing, MKT 320, 374, and at least three additional marketing courses.
MKT 480 Practicum in E-Commerce 3 cr
Integration and application of technical and business concepts and issues relating to
e-commerce. The course requires research, analysis, and implementation of e-commerce plans and strategies. Prerequisite: Senior standing, MKT 340, MKT 350 and all required ITE courses.
MKT 481 Sales Management and Personal Selling 3 cr
Principles and practices of sales management in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, the sales organization in both domestic and international markets. Included in the course is special emphasis upon the application of buyer behavior knowledge to successfully selling through presentation, discussion, and role playing. Special emphasis is directed to recruiting, selecting, training, evaluating, compensating, and supervising sales personnel and sales organizations. Prerequisites: MKT 320.
MKT 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide senior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. Prerequisite: permission of department chair and the Associate Dean. (A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the Concentration.)
MKT 492 Seminar: International Business 3 cr
Examines current organizations and practices of domestic and foreign businesses in the international market; problems of trade and foreign government regulation barriers, investment opportunities and economic arrangements and developments, the role of the manager in the rapidly changing economic environments. Prerequisites: senior standing and MKT 320.
MKT 494 Directed Study in Marketing 3 cr
Primarily designed to give superior students an opportunity to study some phase of marketing of particular interest. Conferences, a bibliography, and a formal research report are required. Grades are awarded on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and approval of the department chair and the Associate Dean following the evaluation of a written proposal.
MKT 495

Seminar in Sport and Event Marketing

3 cr
Examines ethical and international issues in sport and event marketing. Topics include the creation and implementation of a marketing plan for a major sporting, cultural, or charitable event. Prerequisite: MKT 410 or permission of instructor.
MKT 496 Marketing Internship 3 cr
The internship program is designed to give students practical experience in their field of study. Students will complete directed projects under the supervision of a faculty advisor. No more than three hours of internships may be counted toward a degree in the Mitchell College of Business. Grades are awarded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and approval of the department chair and the Associate Dean following the evaluation of a written proposal.
MKT 520 Marketing Management 3 cr
The role of the marketing function in the economy. Organization of marketing activities in a firm. Includes case studies of more complex marketing problems involving the use of accounting, statistics, economics, and sciences. Prerequisite: MKT 320 or FIN 315.
MKT 521 Business Logistics Management 3 cr
Integration of transportation, inventory, facility locations, informational flow, materials handling and protective packaging activities into a system for management physical flow of inbound and outbound products and materials. The total-cost and total-system approaches are developed in relationship to planning and managing the logistical function within the organization. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 524 International Business 3 cr
A study of the various forces of the foreign and international environments such as legal, political, financial, sociocultural, and economic. These forces influence on the transferability of business concepts as learned in this country is investigated. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 525 Marketing in a Global Economy 3 cr
A conceptual and analytic approach to the identification of international marketing opportunities and the development of action strategies. Case analysis is an important component of this course. Prerequisites: Graduate foundation courses or their equivalents and MKT 524.
MKT 590 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide graduate students an opportunity to study selected topics. A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the MBA degree program. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair and director of graduate studies.
MKT 594 Independent Study in Marketing 3 cr

Readings and research on selected topics. Conferences and formal research report required. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair and director of graduate studies.


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