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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2002-2003


PHS 550 Medical Physiology 8 cr
This course includes lectures and laboratories which introduce the student to the basic functions of the heart, circulation, lung, and kidney, as well as the endocrine, nervous, and gastrointestional systems. Fundamental mechanisms are stressed with the intent of providing the student with the basic knowledge of organ function necessary for the understanding and treatment of disease. The overall integrated response of the body to various stresses is discussed in detail.
PHS 556 Literature Reports 1 cr
Students and faculty participate in a supervised reading of the current literature and meet periodically (usually once a week) to interact in a discussion of the selected article or topic. The goal of this course is to maintain the faculty's and students' level of information at a "state of the art" in both methods and theory in the discipline and to develop critical skills in reviewing the literature.
PHS 557 Directed Studies 1-6 cr
Students participate in research under the direction of a graduate faculty member. The student may pursue independent research or participate in a literature project.
PHS 590 Special Topics 1-3 cr
Each course provides in-depth tutorial exposure to specific areas in the discipline. Student and/or faculty presentations followed by group discussions (usually in the Socratic mode), examine the subject matter in an area of current interest either to one student or to a group of students. Credits and titles are arranged with an individual faculty member.
PHS 651 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology 5 cr
This is an advanced course covering cardiac function and metabolism, peripheral circulation, and microcirculation. The objective is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of cardiovascular physiology at both the organ and cellular level. Prerequisites: Medical Physiology (PHS 550).
PHS 653 Basic Biophysics 3 cr
This introductory course is designed to relate physics to biological processes in general, and specifically to mammalian physiology. In addition, students are taught basic computer modeling principles. Prerequisites: Medical Physiology (PHS 550).
PHS 654 Transport Across Physiological Barriers 3 cr
This course is designed to present a detailed analysis of physiological membranes and the physical principles governing the movement of solute and water across these barriers. Prerequisites: Medical Physiology (PHS 550).
PHS 656 Research Seminar 1 cr
Students and faculty present a research topic for discussion before members of the department. The presentations are usually scheduled on a rotational basis. The student may present research data for critique by the faculty.
PHS 657 Respiratory Physiology 3 cr
This is an advanced course which includes such topics as ventilation, perfusion, pulmonary edema formulation and human airway disease. Prerequisites: Medical Physiology (PHS 550).
PHS 755 Autonomic Neurophysiology 3 cr
This is an advanced course designed to enhance a student's understanding of the autonomic nervous system. Topics for this course will range from how neurotransmitters are released from nerve terminals to the structure, organization, and function of neural systems that control autonomic output. Prerequisites: Medical Physiology (PHS 550).
PHS 799 Research/Dissertation 1-6 cr

Independent research by the student under the sponsorship of the graduate faculty in individual departments in the Basic Medical Sciences. Prerequisite: Approved formal research proposal.

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