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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2003-2004


Director: Linda Payne (251-460-6502)
Department of Gender Studies web site:
The Gender Studies Program offers a minor in the interdisciplinary study of contemporary and historical gender theory and gender issues on a global level. The program allows students to acquire depth of knowledge in specific areas of gender-related focus and gender theory, as well as a wide range of research skills and methodologies from across the disciplines. The program offers courses from nine departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as service learning and community internship opportunities.
Gender Studies deepens students’ understanding of areas of study such as historical/cultural constructions of femininity and masculinity and their representations; sexuality; feminist theory; gay and lesbian studies; male and female physiology; gender and health, business and politics; and others. The Gender Studies Program encourages students to become actively engaged in gender-focused research and its practical applications, and provides numerous opportunities for students to interact with faculty members to discuss their current research.
1. Students minoring in Gender Studies must complete a total of 18 semester
2. Students are required to complete two courses in the Humanities and two
  courses in Social Sciences.
3. Minor courses must also represent four different disciplines.
4. Approved Variable and Special Topics Courses that focus on gender studies
  can also be taken to complete the 18 semester hour requirement.
5. Students must complete at least one GS 290, Gender Studies Lecture
  Seminar. This is a one credit course and can be repeated up to three different semesters, for a maximum of three credits.
Gender Studies Courses
GS 290 Gender Studies Lecture Seminar (1 credit)
GS 494 Directed Studies
GS 496 Internship
Humanities Courses
EH 207 Literature and Gender
EH 480 Studies in Gender and Literature
LG 305 Studies in Gender and Writing
Social Science Courses
AN 355 Gender and Anthropology
HY 343 Witchcraft and Magic in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
PSY 470 Psychology of Gender
SY 200 Social Factors in Sexual Behavior
SY 220 Marriage and the Family
SY 428 Gender and Society
Natural Science Course
BLY 215 Human Genetics
Other Courses
CA 315 Gender and Communication
HS 463 Human Sexuality: Some Health Education Perspectives
For a description of these courses, please refer to the appropriate departments. For further information about the program contact Dr. Linda Payne, Director, Gender Studies Program, HUMB 254, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002. Phone (251) 460-6502; FAX: (251) 460-1517; E-mail address:
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