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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2003-2004


EDM 310 Microcomputing Systems in Education 3 cr
Basic understanding of microcomputing hardware and software for instructional purposes. Requires a special fee.
EDM 312 Educational Technology 3 cr
Application of current educational technology in various instructional environments. Laboratory experience is given with selected software programs. May be repeated when technological application changes.
EDM 385* Methods of Instructional Communication 3 cr
Application of current concepts in communication and instructional system design to elementary and secondary teaching. Operation of basic mediaware and overview of literature related to media use are stressed.
EDM 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Investigation of contemporary topics of interest in Educational Media. Prerequisite: Permission of department.
EDM 494 Directed Study: ED Media 1-3 cr
Directed study in Educational Media. No more than two directed studies can count toward the Bachelor’s degree. Requires departmental approval.
EDM 510 Microcomputing Systems in Education 3 cr
Basic understanding of microcomputing hardware and software for instructional purpose.
EDM 520 Computing Applications in Education 3 cr
Application of current software and hardware in various instructional environments including laboratory experience with selected software and hardware.
EDM 530 Workshop in Educational Media 1-9 cr
In-depth study and operational experience in current trends and techniques in educational media research.
EDM 533 Curriculum Media for Children 3 cr
Selection and evaluation of print and nonprint literature with emphasis on meeting the needs of students. Appreciation of literature and the art of storytelling.
EDM 552 Curriculum Media for Young Adults 3 cr
Discussion and evaluation of print and nonprint literature for students in grades 7-12, with extensive reading, listening, and viewing of materials.
EDM 580 Information Literacy 3 cr
Study and evaluation of basic reference works found in school libraries. Introduction to computer-search process and theories for selecting and evaluating print and nonprint materials to coordinate with the school curriculum.
EDM 581 Media Center Management 3 cr
Routines for effective management of materials, including acquisitions, processing, circulation, use and maintenance. Consideration is given to financial problems, preparing of reports, and accrediting standards.
EDM 582 Production of Curriculum Media 3 cr
Provides instruction in the elements of planning, preparation and evaluation of professional curricular materials for group and individual instruction.
EDM 583 Library Media Programs 3 cr
Descriptive cataloging of library materials and their classification by subject. Emphasis is placed on print and nonprint problems encountered in school library-media center situations.
EDM 590 Special Topics 3 cr
Topics of contemporary interest in the area of Educational Media will be presented, discussed, and investigated.
EDM 594 Directed Study and Research 1-3 cr
Students explore problems and issues of special interest or significance in Educational Media. Not more than four semester hours maybe accepted toward degree programs.
EDM 595 Internship in Educational Media 1 cr
The internship is a series of supervised learning experience in a work setting similar to that in which a media specialist eventually will be employed. Departmental approval is required.

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