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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2003-2004


LS 191 Orientation to Leisure Studies 3 cr
An introduction to the Leisure Services profession; its history, philosophies, and the psychology of leisure in the changing society. Includes an orientation to community leisure agencies.
LS 194 Leisure Crafts 3 cr
Adapting various crafts media for use in recreational programs. Design and execution of creative crafts with emphasis on use of indigenous materials.
LS 280 Hospitality Services 3 cr
A study of hotel/motel/resort services. Includes an overview of recreation services, food and beverage, guest services, marketing, housekeeping, maintenance, and fiscal concerns.
LS 292 Outdoor Recreation/Adventure 3 cr
A classroom introduction to a wide range of outdoor recreation pursuits with an emphasis on safety, minimum impact, and “how to get started” in outdoor activities like backpacking, canoeing, rafting, car camping, hiking and others.
LS 295 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation 3 cr
Introduces students to the field of Therapeutic Recreation, including the history, foundations, and philosophy of the field. In addition, characteristics and leisure needs of numerous special populations will be introduced.
LS 297 Campus Recreation 3 cr

Planning, organization, and leadership of intramural and community sports activities.

LS 298 Field Work in Leisure Services 3 cr
Opportunity to gain leadership experiences in leisure service settings.
LS 375* Administration of Leisure Services (W) 3 cr
Management and organization of leisure services agencies, managing authorities, legal basis, fiscal aspects, personnel and staffing procedures, and community relations.
LS 391 Leadership in Leisure Services (W) 3 cr
Theories, principles, and philosophies of leadership as applied to the delivery of Leisure Services. Also includes a study of programming principles and techniques.
LS 395 Therapeutic Recreation Process 3 cr
This course includes the following aspects of Therapeutic Recreation in treatment settings: Client assessment, treatment planning, documentation, provision of treatment interventions and evaluation.
LS 396 Recreational Resource Planning and Design 3 cr
Elementary principles of planning and design as applied to leisure services areas and facilities.
LS 467* Therapeutic Recreation for Physical Disabilities 3 cr
This course will familiarize the student with the etiology, characteristics and course of treatment provided to individuals with various physically disabling conditions and promote awareness of the role of Therapeutic Recreation in the physical rehabilitation process. A field work component of 40 hours is required.
LS 469*
Therapeutic Recreation for Psychological Impairments
3 cr
This course will familiarize students with the etiology, characteristics, and course of treatment provided to individuals with psychological impairments and developmental disabilities and promote awareness of the role of Therapeutic Recreation in the habilitation/rehabilitation process. A field work component of 40 hours is required.
LS 479 Leisure and Aging 3 cr
This course will provide an overview of the changes affecting the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains of the aged; implications of leisure and retirement; and institutional and community settings that provide leisure services for the older adult.
LS 480* Private and Commercial Leisure Services 3 cr
A survey of private and commercial leisure services including a study of resort operations.
LS 481* Tourism and Resort Development 3 cr
Tourism and recreational travel; nature of resort development and its effect on generating tourist flow to and within regions. Economic importance of both tourism and resort development.
LS 483* Issues in Leisure Services 3 cr
A study of the major trends, problems and issues in tourism, hospitality, and commercial recreation.
LS 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Selected topics in leisure services. Topics will vary according to needs and interests of students. Course may be repeated for credit when content varies.
LS 492* Outdoor Education and Interpretation 3 cr
Theories, philosophies, and principles of outdoor education with emphasis on the development of interpretive programs.
LS 496* Recreational Resource Management 3 cr
A study of the operation and supervision of recreational resources including policy development and implementation and evaluation of current environmental issues and their potential impact on recreation resources.
LS 498* Internship in Leisure Services 12 cr
Supervised experiences in an assigned leisure services or related agency. Requires approximately 500 hours of documented work.
LS 569 Leisure in Modern Society 3 cr
An exploration of the economic, religious, political, and sociocultural factors which influence leisure behavior in modern society.
LS 570 Procedures in Therapeutic Recreation I 3 cr
Procedures in Therapeutic Recreation I was designed to prepare the graduate student for the more complex areas of present day professional issues and services provision including: an in-depth analysis of historical and philosophical influences, therapy and facilitation techniques, quality management, ethics, standards of practice, clinical supervision, health care reimbursement and professional credentialing.
LS 571 Procedures in Therapeutic Recreation II 3 cr
This course is designed to familiarize the graduate student with the Therapeutic Recreation Process. Content areas will include: analyzation of assessment procedures, sources and processes, treatment planning, interdisciplinary procedures, medical record documentation, activity-based interventions and evaluation of program effectiveness.
LS 573 Issues and Trends in Leisure Services 3 cr
An in-depth examination of current issues and trends in Leisure Services with respect to their impact on the leisure service profession and society.
LS 576
Conceptual Foundations of Therapeutic
3 cr
Designed to introduce the student to the field of Therapeutic Recreation including philosophy, history, current issues and trends, administration and program development. The course will also provide an overview of various disabling conditions.
LS 580 Internship 3 cr
An individually planned practicum experience in an approved leisure services setting. Requires a minimum of 150 work hours per three hours of credit.
LS 585 Management of Leisure Services 3 cr
An in-depth examination into the research, foundations, and functions in the delivery of leisure services, including current practices in management of fiscal procedures, budgeting and grants.
LS 590 Special Topics 3 cr
A varying-content course treating various aspects of Leisure Services. May be repeated once for credit when course content varies.
LS 591 Travel and Tourism 3 cr
A survey course designed to provide students with an overview of travel and tourism as an area of study. Discussions will center on tourism at the macro (regional and national) level. Tourist behavior, the social, environmental, and economic impact of tourism will be highlighted.
LS 592 Outdoor Recreation/ Adventure Programming 3 cr
Study and practicum in popular adventure activities (e.g., shooting sports, angling, backpacking, orienteering, rock climbing, canoeing). Emphasis on attitudes, skills, environmental awareness, teaching methodology, and principles of group leadership as they relate to adventuresome activities.
LS 596 Special Projects 3 cr
An individually planned experience whereby a student conceptualizes and researches a special problem relevant to the leisure services profession. Students will share their experiences in a weekly seminar (non-thesis option).

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