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Pre-professional programs in pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, and pre-veterinary medicine are offered at the University of South Alabama. The Pre-professional Advisory Committee guides the students concerning professional school admission requirements in these areas. Students planning to follow pre-professional programs listed above should see the Director of Health Pre-Professions Program, Dr. T. G. Jackson, Department of Chemistry.

The Health Pre-Professional Advisor will advise the pre-professional students for their first two years of college work. After two years of work the department in which the student wishes to major will guide the student in major and minor work. However, the student should continue to work with the health Pre-Professional Advisor and should obtain information concerning the application procedure for professional schools early in the junior year. Application Forms and instructions are available in the office of the health Pre-Professional Advisor.
The courses listed below are generally required for all professional schools. However, the students should discuss specific requirements with the Health Pre-Professional Advisor. The student should prepare to take the appropriate admissions exam, usually during the junior year.
General Chemistry with Lab:
Two semesters or three quarters
Organic Chemistry with Lab:
Two semesters or three quarters
General Biology with Lab:
Two semesters or three quarters
Physics with Lab:
Two semesters or three quarters
Two semesters or three quarters calculus is recommended; some schools require calculus
Two semesters or three quarters
English Composition or Literature:
Two semesters or three quarters
Program in Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Optometry
This program is designed to prepare students for the vigorous demands of dental, medical, and optometry schools. The program is demanding and requires a high scholastic competence and performance. Students must maintain a better than “B” record to be competitive when applying to professional schools.
Most dental, medical and optometry schools prefer that the bachelors degree be earned for admission. However, some outstanding students may gain admission to a professional school prior to graduation.
The pre-optometry student should write for an official bulletin from the professional schools of interest during the freshman year and discuss with the Health Pre-Professional Advisor any special requirements for those schools. The student should make official application for admission to the professional schools about a year in advance of the expected date of matriculation.
Program for Pre-Pharmacy
Requirements for admission to pharmacy school vary. Complete information about professional curricula in pharmacy may be obtained by writing for an official bulletin from professional schools of choice. To matriculate in pharmacy school the student must be accepted for admission by the Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy. The student should make application for admission to the professional schools of choice at least one semester in advance of the date the student plans to enter professional school. The student must also receive approval for admission by the university with which the professional school is affiliated and applications for admission to the universities of choice should be made at least two semesters in advance of the date the student plans to enter. Specific requirements for several professional schools are available in the office of the Pre-Professional Advisor.
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Students interested in the pre-veterinary medicine program at the University of South Alabama should see the Director of the Health Pre-Professions Program, Dr. T.G. Jackson, Department of Chemistry.
Students interested in preparing for a career in law will find outstanding opportunities at the University of South Alabama. The finest pre-law education is considered by many to be a four-year liberal arts curriculum, but law schools will accept bachelor’s degrees in other areas also.
Law schools generally do not prescribe a particular major or course of undergraduate study to qualify for admission. They all stress, however, the importance of excellence in whatever course of study is pursued. Specifically, the Association of American Law Schools emphasizes excellence in attaining the following three objectives in pre-law studies:
1. Comprehension and expression in words.
2. Critical understanding of human institutions and values with which the law deals.
3. Creative power in thinking.
“Shortly stated, what the law schools seek in their entering students is not accomplishment in mere memorization but accomplishment in understanding, the capacity to think for themselves, and the ability to express their thoughts with clarity and force” (from Association of American Law Schools, Statement of Policy).
To help the student develop the best possible course of study to prepare for law school in the light of particular needs, the University of South Alabama provides a pre-Law Advisor in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice. Pre-Law students are urged to consult with the Advisor for detailed information concerning how best to prepare for law school and for information concerning the Law School Admission Test, now required by practically all law schools.


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