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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2004-2005


Chair: Mohan Menon (251) 460-7906
Professor Emeritus: Lynn Robinson, Louis E. Boone
Professor: Menon
Associate Professor: Sneath
Assistant Professors: Cannon, Megehee, Spake
Instructors: Bishop, Folse, Kahn
Department of Marketing and E-Commerce web site
In addition to providing a solid foundation in key areas of business, all programs in the department provide the student with a strong background in the practices and theories that are the foundation of contemporary marketing and E-Commerce in the global competitive marketplace.
The department offers two major programs of study: Marketing and E-Commerce. WIthin the Marketing major are three concentrations: Marketing Management, International Business, and Sport and Event Marketing. Each of the majors and concentrations within them are detailed below. In addition to the regular classes, students also have the opportunity to enroll in Internship, Directed Study, and Special Topics courses.
Minimum Grade of “C” in all Marketing Courses.
All students majoring in the Department of Marketing and E-Commerce are required to earn a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in MKT 320 and all other marketing courses. (Note: MKT 320 Principles of Marketing is a prerequisite for nearly all marketing courses.) A minimum grade of “C” must also be earned in all non-marketing business courses taken as part of the concentration requirements.
Qualified students majoring in Marketing and E-Commerce are urged to apply for internships that are designed to provide students with practical experience in their field of study. Students who meet the requirements need to contact a faculty advisor in the area of interest and register to enroll in the Internship class (MKT 496) as a business elective. The faculty advisor will guide the student through the internship and provide information for fulfilling the course requirements.
Marketing Management Concentration
The Marketing Management Program prepares students for entry-level positions in sales and sales management, retailing, advertising, and marketing research. Marketing Management students must take the following seven required courses:
MKT 374 MKT 375 MKT 377
MKT 380 MKT 382 MKT 384
MKT 479    
In addition, students must complete one of the following elective courses:
MKT 350 MKT 376  
MKT 379 MKT 481  
Marketing-International Business Concentration
The Marketing-International Business Program prepares students for entry level positions with import-export firms, international departments of domestic firms, and firms based throughout the world. International Business students must take the following seven required courses:
MKT 336 MKT 374
MKT 384 MKT 477
MKT 479 MKT 492
MGT 334*  
In addition, they must complete one of the following elective courses:
ECO 363 MKT 350
MKT 375 MKT 376
*Any course counted in the major cannot also be counted for the International Core required in the Mitchell College of Business. Marketing - International Business students are required to take ECO 330 and FIN 332 as their International Core courses.
It is recommended that Marketing-International Business students take the following courses as their non-business electives:
IS 100 GEO 114 GEO 312
Proficiency in a Second Language
Marketing-International Business students are required to demonstrate introductory-level proficiency in a second language by passing a foreign language proficiency examination as administered by the University of South Alabama Department of Foreign Languages and Literature or by successfully completing the second semester of any approved elementary sequence in a foreign language.
Sport and Event Marketing Concentration
The Sport and Event Marketing Program prepares students for entry-level positions in the sport and event marketing industries including performance, production, promotion, and specialized segment.
Sport and Event Marketing students must take the following seven required courses:
MKT 374 >MKT 380 MKT 382 MKT 384
MKT 385 MKT 479 MKT 495  
In addition, students must complete one of the following elective courses:
MKT 350 MKT 376 MKT 379 MKT 481
E-Commerce Major
The E-Commerce program provides students with a sound background in business disciplines as well as a strong foundation in Web-enabling technology. It positions technology as a tool for business applications. Students gain analytical and problem-solving skills through the integration of technical knowledge and skills with business applications and case studies. The program offers students the opportunity to work for Internet-enabled organizations, or be self-employed.
This Mitchell College of Business degree program includes a combination of four Business application courses, six technology courses from the School of Computer and Information Sciences, and two Internet communication courses from the Communication Department of the School of Arts and Science. Students work closely with the three academic units to coordinate their program and courses and to develop application projects required during the senior year.
Note: E-Commerce students DO NOT have to meet the Professional Component requirements of the School of Computer and Information Sciences.
Technology Courses:
CIS 120/CIS 122 (lab) (prerequisite MA 112)
ITE 285 (prerequisite CIS 120)
These two courses can be taken as non-business electives.

CIS 321 (prerequisite ITE 285)
CIS 324 (prerequisite ITE 285)
ITE 375 (prerequisite CIS 321, CIS 324)
ITE 453 (prerequisite ITE 375)
Business Courses:
MKT 340 (prerequisite MKT 320)
MKT 350 (prerequisite MKT 340)
MKT 355 (prerequisite MKT 350)
MKT 480 (prerequisite MKT 355)
Communication Courses:
CA 360 (no prerequisites) - to be taken as a non-Business elective.
CA 366 (no prerequisites) - recommended as a Business elective.
All students must have a laptop computer and earn a minimum “C” grade in all E-Commerce program courses. This and other information regarding the program can be found at: or

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