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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2004-2005


CBN 501 Medical Gross Anatomy 8 cr
A course consisting of lectures and laboratory experience stressing the more important aspects of human morphology using both systematic and regional approaches supplemented by introductory radiological features.
CBN 510 Medical Histology 7 cr
A study of the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs, which includes lectures, demonstrations, and individual laboratory study of slides.
CBN 511 Medical Neuroanatomy 6 cr
This course consists of lectures and laboratories stressing the important aspects of the structures of the central nervous system and emphasizing the functional aspects which relate to human disease.
CBN 513 Developmental Anatomy 2 cr
A course which presents a synopsis of human development and related information. Clinically related topics are emphasized while normal development is closely correlated with the systemic lectures given in the gross anatomy course.
CBN 516 Literature Reports 1 cr
Students and faculty participate in a supervised reading of the current literature and meet periodically (usually once a week) to interact in a discussion of the selected article or topic. The goal of this course is to maintain the faculty's and students' level of information at a "state of the art" in both methods and theory in the discipline and to develop critical skills in reviewing the literature.
CBN 517 Directed Studies 1-6 cr
Students participate in research under the direction of a graduate faculty member. The student may pursue independent research or participate in a literature project.
CBN 590 Special Topics 1-3 cr
Each course provides in-depth tutorial exposure to specific areas in the discipline. Student and/or faculty presentations followed by group discussions (usually in the Socratic mode), examine the subject matter in an area of current interest either to one student or to a group of students. Credits and titles are arranged with an individual faculty member.
CBN 610 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2 cr
A course which requires students to read and evaluate critically the contemporary literature dealing with the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural function.
CBN 612 Cytoskeletal and Membranes 2 cr
This course requires students to read, present, and evaluate critically the modern literature on cytoskeleton and membrane structure, interactions, and function. Prerequisites: Cell Biology.
CBN 614 Gene Expression, Regulation, Repair, and Therapy 2 cr
This course requires students to read, present, and evaluate critically the modern literature on gene expression and regulation, repair and therapy. Prerequisites: Medical Biochemistry (BCH 520).
CBN 615 Molecular and Cellular Development 2 cr
This course examines embryonic development in animal systems. The focus is on the protein and molecular interactions that regulate the development of animal embryos. The course consists of lectures and written exams. Students are required to read from an assigned text and from the primary literature. Prerequisites: Medical Biochemistry (BCH 520) or equivalent.
CBN 616 Research Seminar 1 cr
Students and faculty present a research topic for discussion before the members of the department. The presentations are usually scheduled on a rotational basis. The student may present research data for critique by the faculty.
CBN 799 Research/Dissertation 1-6 cr
Independent research by the student under the sponsorship of the graduate faculty in individual departments in the Basic Medical Sciences. Prerequisite: Approved formal research proposal.
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