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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2004-2005


The courses listed below are common to two or more programs.
EG 101 Introduction to Engineering 3 cr
Introduction to engineering fundamentals through reading, homework assignments, laboratory investigations, guest lecturers and group discussions on the engineering profession. Fee.
EG 220 Electrical Circuits 3 cr
Basic SI units; RLC circuits; steady-state AC and DC circuit analysis; balanced 3-phase systems; transformers; AC and DC motors and generators; operational amplifiers; and digital system components. Prerequisite: MA 125. Fee.
EG 230 Engineering Economics 3 cr
Application of economic principles to engineering problems; calculation of capitalized costs, present worth, prospective rates of return, annual costs, selection of alternatives and minimum attractive rate of depreciation, taxation, inflation and equipment replacement. Prerequisite: EG 220 or EG 270 or EG 283. Fee.
EG 270 Engineering Thermodynamics 3 cr
First and second law of thermodynamics and applications. Prerequisites: MA 126, PH 201. Fee.
EG 283 Statics 3 cr
Vector algebra; forces, moments, couples; equilibrium analysis of rigid bodies, beams, trusses, frames, area and mass moments of inertia, and friction. Prerequisites: MA 126. Fee.
EG 284 Dynamics 3 cr
Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies. Work/energy and momentum methods. Prerequisite: EG 283, MA 126. Fee.
EG 290 Special Topics in Engineering 1-5 cr
Subjects of special interest in engineering. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Fee.

EG 315

Mechanics of Materials 3 cr
An introduction to the mechanics of deformable bodies. Analysis of stress and strain. Emphasis of axial, torsional and bending loads. Deflections, deformations, and column stability. Prerequisites: EG 283, MA 227, PH 201. Fee.
EG 360 Fluid Mechanics 3 cr
Study of the properties of fluids including fluid statics, kinematics, integral and differential equations of mass, momentum and energy conservation; dimensional analysis; flows in ducts, boundary layer flows and compressible flow. Prerequisites: MA 238, EG 284. Fee.
EG 590 Special Topics in Engineering 1-3 cr
Subjects of special interest in engineering for engineering graduate students. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.

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