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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2004-2005


HS 170 First Aid 1 cr
The scope, needs, and limitations of first aid with laboratory training in the techniques and methods of injury care. Opportunity for American Red Cross first-aid and CPR certification.
HS 262 Personal Health 3 cr
Current health problems as related to the individual with emphasis on sociological, psychological, and economic factors.
HS 263 Nutrition and Hunger 3 cr
An introduction to digestion, absorption, transportation, and utilization of nutrients. Other topics include: nutrition across the life span, population dynamics and world hunger.
HS 351 Safety Education 3 cr
Traffic safety and safety at home, work, school, and play. Organization of safety education programs in school and community. Methods and materials for teaching safety.
HS 361 School and Community Health-Implications
for Curriculum
3 cr
Contemporary school health and public health issues. Epidemiological concepts and methods. Governmental and volunteer health agencies. Curriculum development based upon epidemiological data.
HS 362 Drug Education 3 cr
A survey of substance abuse issues. Attention is given to specific drug classifications, use and abuse patterns, prevention, treatment, and future implications.
HS 363 Individualized Nutrition 3 cr
Basic nutritional principles are covered. Includes assessment of individual and/or group diets. The course is designed around individualized programmed instruction.
HS 460* Methods in Health Education (W) 3 cr
Topic selection and teaching unit preparation. Presentation and classroom practice of teaching methodologies. Practical mini-teaching experiences in local school or other pertinent agencies. Admission to teacher candidacy or permission of instructor.
HS 462 Public Health 3 cr
A study of public health organizations and available community health resources, including the official and non-official health agencies at various levels. An examination of causative community factors in disease, community diagnosis of and programs to combat these conditions.
HS 463
Human Sexuality: Some Health Education Perspectives
3 cr
An exploration of human sexuality with implications for health education.
HS 473 Problems in Health Education 3 cr
Special problems are assigned to individuals and to groups of students.
HS 490 Special Topics 3 cr
A varying content course treating several aspects of health education. May be repeated for credit when course content varies.
HS 494 Directed Study 3 cr
Directed research. Prerequisite: Permission of Department. No more than two directed studies can be counted toward the bachelor’s degree and Class B Certification. HPELS advisor approval required.
HS 510 Current Health Problems 3 cr
Identification, exploration, and definition of current health problems such as drug abuse, mental health, aging, death and dying, human sexuality, chronic and communicable disease.
HS 520 Special Methods in Health Education 3 cr
Development, selection, and implementation of classroom teaching strategies and classroom techniques in the health sciences area.
HS 560 School Health Curriculum 3 cr
Designed to develop the prospective teacher’s or the in service teacher’s competencies in curriculum planning and development applied to the health area.
HS 562 Drug Use and Abuse 3 cr
A study of the drug spectrum including legal and illegal drug use and abuse. Discussion of education and preventive strategies.
HS 563 Nutrition 3 cr
An in-depth study of educational concepts related to digestion, absorption, transportation and utilization of nutrients.
HS 565 Community Health 3 cr
An introductory course in community health. Includes a survey of contemporary health problems of both communities and schools. A review of school and community health programs.
HS 567 Aging and Health: Biologic and Social
3 cr
An overview of the normal aging process, including physical, psychological and social changes, myths, diseases, related community resources, and the team approach to meeting needs.
*Only for students admitted to candidacy.

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