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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2004-2005


Departmental Symbols in Parentheses
Accounting (ACC)
Adult Health Nursing (AHN)
Adult Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS)
African-American Studies (AFR)
Air Force Studies (AS)
Anthropology (AN)
Art Education (AED)
Art History (ARH)
Art, Studio (ARS)
Audiology, Doctor of (AUD)
Biochemistry (BCH)
Biology (BLY)
Biomedical Sciences (BMD)
Business (BUS)
Cardiorespiratory Care (CRC)
Career Experience Opportunities Internship (COE)
Career Planning (CP)
Cell Biology and Neuroscience (CBN)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Chemistry (CH)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS)
Communication (CA)
Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD)
Community Mental Health Nursing (CMN)
Computer and Information Sciences (CIS)
Computer Science (CSC)
Conducting (MUT)
Cooperative Education (COE) Alternating
Cooperative Education (COE) Parallel
Counselor Education (CED)
Criminal Justice (CJ)
Developmental Studies (DS)
Dramatic Arts (DRA)
Economics (ECO)
Educational Foundations (EDF)
Education Leadership (EDL)
Educational Media (EDM)
Educational Psychology (EPY)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE)
Elementary/Early Childhood Education (EEC)
Emergency Medical Training (EMT)
Engineering, General (EG)
English (EH)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Finance (FIN)
Foreign Languages and Literature (LG   LGS)
Gender Studies (GS)
Geography (GEO)
Geology (GY)
Gerontology (GRN)
Health, Physical Education (HPE)
Health and Safety (HS)
Health Sciences (HSC) Open to majors in other disciplines
History (HY)
Honors (HON)
Information Systems (ISC)
Information Technology (ITE)
Instructional Design and Development (ISD)
Interdepartmental Education (IDE)
Interdisciplinary Basic Medical Science (IDL)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)
International Studies (IS)
Languages Foreign (LG)
Languages, Self-Instructional (LGS)
Leisure Studies (LS)
Management (MGT)
Marine Sciences (MAS)
Marketing (MKT)
Maternal/Child Nursing (MCN)
Mathematics (MA)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Meteorology (MET)
Microbiology and Immunology (MIC)
Military Science (MS)
Music, Applied (MUA, MUB)
Music Education, Methods and Materials (MUE)
Music History and Literature (MUL)
Music Studio (MUS)
Music Theory (MUT)
Musical Organizations (MUO)
Nursing (NU)
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Pharmacology (PHA)
Philosophy (PHL)
Physical Education Activity Courses and Professional Physical Education (PE)
Physical Therapy (PT)
Physician Assistant Studies (PA)
Physics (PH)
Physiology (PHS)
Political Science (PSC)
Psychology (PSY)
Radiologic Technology (RAD)
Reading Education (RED)
Religion (REL)
Secondary Education (SED)
Sociology (SY)
Special Education (SPE)
Speech and Hearing Sciences (SHS)
Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)
Statistics (ST)
Studio Art (ARS)

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