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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2005-2006


Department of Chemistry: Norris Hoffman
Department of Communications: Jeanne McPherson
Department of Earth Sciences: Miriam Fearn, Douglas Haywick, (Chair)
Department of English: Becky McLaughlin
Department of Philosophy: John Coker
Department of Music: Robert Holm
The Personalized Studies Program (PSP) is intended to provide a viable curricular option for those students whose objectives could best be met by a "tailoring" of the distribution of existing requirements and offerings. Students whose academic status is clear and who have completed a minimum of 32 semester hours are eligible to present a contract proposal to the PSP Committee. In the proposal, the student will formulate a coherent statement of personal objectives. When accepted, the contract becomes the statement of the student's academic major. The General Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science must be met. An academic minor is not required. A minimum of 54 semester hours distributed among three to five academic departments is required for the major. Not more than 27 semester hours in one department may be applied toward the PSP Major. At least 50 percent of the courses specified in the contract shall be at the 300-400 level. Seventy-five percent of all courses that constitute the major shall be specifically designated as required. Students must complete at least 20 semester hours after approval of the PSP proposal. The list of remaining courses in the major may be modified with the concurrence of the student's advisor.
No more than one third of PSP hours may come from departments outside of the College of Arts and Sciences.
The following procedures will be followed. The prospective major contacts one of the committee members for initial counseling. The student fills out an information form that provides name, rank, current major and status, and a brief statement of goals. This form may be used later to designate an advisor. The student-advisor team completes the contract contingencies. The student presents the contract proposal to the PSP Committee. Upon approval of the contract by the PSP Committee and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the student's program is in effect. Approved contracts may undergo revisions upon request of the student-advisor team and approval from the PSP Committee and the Dean of Arts and Sciences.
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