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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2005-2006


FIN 300 Personal Finance 3 cr
General principles and techniques of finance as applied to personal business transactions and the management of personal funds. Finance majors may not count this course as a finance elective.
FIN 315 Business Finance 3 cr
A survey course covering corporate financial management. Basic concepts such as interest rates, time value of money, cost of capital, and risk are discussed and applied to stock, bond and long-term investment valuation. Guidelines are developed for corporate financial decision-making in the areas of capital structure policy, dividend policy, long-term financing, corporate control, and working capital management. The impact of ethical considerations and global financial markets are discussed. Prerequisites: ACC 212 or ACC 497, ECO 215 or ECO 497, MA 120, BUS 245.
FIN 332 Multinational Finance 3 cr
Analysis of financial management of multi-national firms. Introduces the environment of international capital and foreign exchange markets and examines the effects of the international business environment on risk, capital budgeting, working capital management, and capital structure decisions of the firm. Prerequisite: FIN 315.
FIN 343 Money Markets and Financial Institutions 3 cr
An examination of the major financial institutions operating in our economy, and the environment in which they operate. In light of the changing environment of the financial institutions area, the changing roles of the various financial markets, major legislation, and the regulatory agencies are also studied in this course. Prerequisite: FIN 315 or consent of instructor.
FIN 345 Principles of Insurance 3 cr
Examines risks facing the individual and business organizations and applications of public and private insurance to reduce or eliminate such risks. This is a survey course involving all classes of insurance.
FIN 350 Financial Statement Analysis 3 cr
In-depth coverage of the principles and practices of effective analysis of the financial statements of firms for the purpose of understanding (1) the economic and financial characteristics and current conditions of the firm, (2) particular strategies the firm may select with which to compete, and (3) the accounting principles and procedures underlying the financial statements. The course integrates concepts form accounting, economics, finance, and management. Prerequisite: FIN 315.
FIN 410 Intermediate Business Finance 3 cr
In-depth coverage of financial planning and management, including capital budgeting, financial structure decisions, working capital management, valuation, dividend policy and other topics. Prerequisites: FIN 315, BUS 255.
FIN 411 Problems in Business Finance 3 cr
Actual and simulated cases in finance from business and industry; includes businesses of all sizes. Prerequisites: FIN 343, FIN 350, FIN 410, FIN 420.
FIN 420 Investments 3 cr
Survey of the characteristics of investment alternatives and the investment environment, including market operations and regulations, sources and uses of information, and an introduction to capital market theory. Prerequisites: FIN 315, BUS 245.
FIN 421 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 cr
The development of the theory and practice of security analysis and portfolio management. Security analysis involves the fundamental determination of security values through economic, industry, and firm analysis. Portfolio management addresses asset selection and allocation for the construction and maintenance of portfolios that meet specific investment objectives in a risk-return context. Prerequisite: FIN 420.
FIN 430 Derivative Securities 3 cr
Covers principles of Options and Futures contracts and their economic functions. Options: basic strategies; combinations and spreads; pricing; and the various types of contracts. Futures: fundamentals of the market; contract specifications and their uses. Program trading and portfolio insurance. Prerequisites: FIN 315, FIN 420.
FIN 445 Life and Disability Insurance 3 cr
Principles and practices of insurance used for family and income protection against premature death and disability; retirement and pension plans including group insurance and social security. Prerequisite: FIN 315.
FIN 470 Depository Institutions Management I 3 cr
Analysis of depository institution management processes focusing on management of capital, assets, and liabilities with emphasis on the regulatory environment in which depository institutions operate. Prerequisites: FIN 315, FIN 343 (FIN 343 may be taken concurrently).
FIN 471 Depository Institutions Management II 3 cr
In-depth analysis of consumer, real estate, commercial, and agricultural lending areas of depository institutions. Prerequisite: FIN 315.
FIN 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide senior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. Prerequisites: FIN 315 and approval of department chair.
FIN 492 Seminar: Finance 3 cr
Oral reports on readings of various aspects of business finance. Prerequisites: FIN 315 and Finance major.
FIN 494 Directed Study in Finance 3 cr
Primarily designed to give superior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. Grades are awarded on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: FIN 315, FIN 343, FIN 350, FIN 410, FIN 420. Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and approval of department chair.
FIN 496 Finance Internship 3 cr
The internship program is designed to give students practical experience in their field of study. Students will complete directed projects under the supervision of a faculty advisor. No more than three hours of internship may be counted toward a degree in the Mitchell College of Business. Grades are awarded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: FIN 315, FIN 343, declared finance or depository institution major and a 2.5 GPA, and approval of department chair.
FIN 501 Financial Theory and Practice 3 cr
Theory and practice of assembling, investing, and managing capital. Major topics include estimating a firm’s cost of funds, basic and advanced capital budgeting techniques, capital structure analysis, and dividend policy theory and practice.
FIN 520 Investments 3 cr
Study of investment alternatives and their environment, including market operations and regulations, sources and uses of information and an introduction to capital market theory. Prerequisite: FIN 501.
FIN 532 Multinational Finance 3 cr
Analysis of the organization of American banking systems for international operations; functions of foreign money and capital markets in international banking and finance; the export-import banks and intergovernmental institutions; foreign lending and investment criteria of private financial institutions; foreign exchange; balance of payments; intergovernmental monetary agreements, organizations and controls. Prerequisite: FIN 501.
FIN 590 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide graduate students an opportunity to study selected topics. (A student may count no more than 3 hours of Special Topics in the M.B.A. degree program). Prerequisite: Approval of the department chair.
FIN 594 Independent Study in Finance 3 cr
Reading and research on selected topics. Conference and formal research report required. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chair.

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