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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2006-2007


BCH 520 Medical Biochemistry 7 cr
A basic course in biochemistry with emphasis on the physicochemical properties and intermediary metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. The regulation and integration of metabolic pathways for energy transfer and biosynthesis of major cellular constituents are presented in detail. Enzymes, vitamins, hormones, biochemical genetics, and nutrition are included in the course material.
BCH 526 Literature Reports 1 cr
Students and faculty participate in a supervised reading of the current literature and meet periodically (usually once a week) to interact in a discussion of the selected article or topic. The goal of this course is to maintain the faculty's and students' level of information at a "state of the art" in both methods and theory in the discipline and to develop critical skills in reviewing the literature.
BCH 527 Directed Studies 1-6 cr
Students participate in research under the direction of a graduate faculty member. The student may pursue independent research or participate in a literature project.
BCH 590 Special Topics 1-3 cr
This course provides in-depth tutorial exposure to specific areas in the discipline. Student and/or faculty presentations followed by group discussions (usually in the Socratic mode), examine the subject matter in an area of current interest either to one student or to a group of students. Credits and titles are arranged with an individual faculty member.
BCH 620 Enzymes and Proteins 3 cr
The techniques used for the physical and chemical characterization of proteins are presented and protein structure-function relationships, enzyme kinetics, and enzyme mechanisms are presented to provide a student with the basic knowledge to understand the role of functional proteins in life processes.
BCH 622 Molecular Biology 3 cr
The focus of this course is on cellular processes involving DNA repair, replication and translation. Current concepts regarding the organization and structure of chromosomes, genes, and the regulation of gene expression will be discussed. Eukaryotic molecular biology is emphasized; however, some eukaryotic and prokaryotic processes are compared and contrasted. This course stresses the methods and experimental design used to delineate and understand cellular information transfer and molecular phenomena.
BCH 626 Research Seminar 1 cr
Students and faculty present a research topic for discussion before members of the department. The presentations are usually scheduled on a rotational basis. The student may present research data for critique by the faculty.
BCH 799 Research/Dissertation 1-6 cr
Independent research by the student under the sponsorship of the graduate faculty in individual departments in the Basic Medical Sciences. Prerequisite: Approved formal research proposal.

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