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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


ESL 004 Intermediate ESL Structure 3 cr
An intermediate-level study of syntax and grammar.
ESL 005 Intermediate ESL Reading and Vocabulary 3 cr
Emphasis on developing reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary through reading of a variety of intermediate-level texts.
ESL 006 Intermediate ESL Composition 3 cr
Concentration on sentence structure and development of the paragraph.
ESL 008

Intermediate ESL Oral Skills

3 cr
Concentration on listening, comprehension, and speaking fluency.
ESL 014

Advanced ESL Structure

3 cr
An in-depth study of syntax and grammar.
ESL 015

Advanced ESL Reading and Vocabulary

3 cr
Emphasis on developing speed, comprehension and vocabulary through reading of a variety of texts.
ESL 016

Advanced ESL Composition

3 cr
Designed to give a foundation in composition and to serve as a preparatory course for English 101. It consists of three areas of concentration: sentence-level problems, paragraph organization and essay organization and development.
ESL 017

English for Academic Success

3 cr
Emphasis is on classroom oral presentations using PowerPoint. Library research skills, note-taking, lecture comprehension and other skills that international students need for academic success are also taught.
ESL 018

Advanced ESL Oral Skills

3 cr
Emphasis is placed on communication, both oral and aural, in a variety of situations. Designed to enhance fluency in listening and speaking, and includes note-taking on recorded lectures and making class presentations.
ESL 019

ESL Pronunciation

3 cr
Concentration is on improving pronunciation through the study of American English phonemes, stress, rhythm and intonation.
ESL 020

TOEFL Preparation

3 cr
A preparatory class for the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language. Students practice with exercises and test for the four sections of the TOEFL: Listening Comprehension, Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Speaking.
ESL 021

American Short Story

3 cr
Students are familiarized with great American authors and their work of fiction in written and dramatized forms. Listening skills are developed through video presentations, writing skills through book reports, reading skills through analysis of texts, and oral skills through oral reports.
ESL 022

U.S. Culture

3 cr
Students are sensitized to the difficulties inherent in cross-culture encounters, and they are provided with information about American life to help them in their cultural adjustment.
ESL 023

Current Events

3 cr
Designed to stimulate students' language development through discussion, debate, and readings on topics of current interest in the news.
ESL 024

Listening Skills

3 cr
Emphasis is on improving listening comprehension using recorded interviews and radio broadcasts. Listening tasks are authentic and are not simplified in any way.
ESL 025

English on the Internet

3 cr
Students improve a number of English skills by exploring the numerous ESL web sites for TOEFL preparation, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary acquisition, slang, humor and many other areas. Writing is practiced via e-mail, and students create their own web page.
ESL 026

The English Verb

3 cr
An intensive review of the English verb system, including tense, voice and aspect. Ample examples, plus written and oral exercises and activities, are designed to make students more secure in their usage.
ESL 027

Practical Vocabulary and Idioms

3 cr
Students rapidly extend their vocabulary through intensive study of high-frequency words arranged thematically, such as by profession or in everyday situations. Groups of special expressions linked to certain verbs, slang expressions, and idioms are also taught.
ESL 028

Beginning English

3 cr
An introduction to the language for people who know little or no English. The goal is to achieve a basic proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing English.
ESL 029

Business English

3 cr
The focus is primarily on acquisition of English business vocabulary through an examination of American business procedures and practices. Students also practice composing resumes, memos, reports, business letters and other business writing.

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