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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008



EMS 310

Introduction to EMS Systems 3 cr
This course provides students with an introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems. Theoretical concepts and issues will be discussed and examined in order to provide students with a conceptual basis for understanding and analyzing EMS systems and organizations. Particular emphasis will be placed on system components, system integration and the roles and responsibilities of management and leadership in EMS organizations.

EMS 315

EMS Administration 3 cr
This course provides a general overview of management and administrative functions required of EMS managers today including planning, directing, budgeting, staffing and evaluation. Particular emphasis will be placed on issues relating to human resources, EMS operations, and organizational planning.

EMS 320

EMS Law and Legal Issues (W)

3 cr
This course will provide a general overview of the origins of law in the United States with particular emphasis on health laws and regulations affecting pre-hospital providers. Topics include issues relating to malpractice, litigation, consent and refusal of medical treatment, advanced directives, patient confidentiality, and expert witness preparation, among others.

EMT 325

Instructional Methods in EMS

3 cr
This course presents theoretical and practical foundations necessary for entry level EMS instructors and coordinators. Topics include instructor roles and responsibilities, learning theory, lesson plan development, test writing and validation, and program evaluation. Additional emphasis will be placed on instructional techniques for the adult learner.

EMS 340

Disaster Management and Event Planning

3 cr
Considerations of the theoretical and practical foundations necessary to manage incidents involving multiple casualties and multiple agencies as well as the pre-planning and management of other large scale events. Topics include disaster planning, incident command, WMD, response issues, and scene control, among others.

EMS 350

Critical Care Paramedic

3 cr
This course provides paramedics with advanced skills and knowledge in critical care medicine. Students successfully completing this course and its subsequent internship (EMS 375) will be eligible to sit for national certification as a Critical Care Paramedic.

EMS 375

Critical Care Paramedic Internship

3 cr
An advanced clinical internship course for licensed paramedics who have successfully completed EMS 350. Internship is conducted in an approved critical care setting or facility. Successful completion of this course allows the student to sit for national certification examination as a Critical Care Paramedic.
EMS 410 Concepts of Professional Paramedic Practice 6 cr
This bridge course is designed for licensed (or nationally certified) paramedics who are admitted to the Department's Paramedic to BS in EMS Track. This course provides critical updates and information related to paramedic practice and enhances the student's overall patient assessment and critical thinking skills. Focus of the course is on selected theories and concepts integrated throughout the curriculum. Additional emphasis is on the professional roles of Paramedics. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Paramedic to BS in EMS Track.

EMS 440

Health Insurance and Managed Care in EMS

3 cr
This course provides an overview of the basic concepts and principles in the health insurance and managed care environments. Particular emphasis will be placed on issues relating to the costs, quality and access to emergency medical services. Topics include Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, Managed Care contracting, and EMS Quality Management, among others.

EMS 445

EMS Research (W)

3 cr
An introduction to basic research methods and basic statistical procedures used in Emergency Medical Services research. Students will use this information to assist them with reading, interpreting and evaluating articles in the pre-hospital healthcare literature.

EMS 460

Issues and Trends in EMS

3 cr
Explores issues and trends at the federal, state and local levels facing EMS leaders and EMS organization. Particular emphasis is on new and proposed programs and policies which affect pre-hospital healthcare providers.

EMS 475

EMS Internship

3 cr
Structured field experience in an EMS administration, management or educational environment; observation of leadership processes within an EMS organization; application of EMS leadership theory and techniques.

EMS 494

EMS Directed Studies

3 cr
Student completes an individual project in a specific EMS area under the guidance and supervision of an EMS faculty member.

EMT 495

EMS Comprehensive Review and Exam

1 cr
The comprehensive examination is the capstone of the Emergency Medical Services degree program. A written examination based on the program objectives of the EMS degree program will be administered as a final evaluation for the student's progress.

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