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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


Chair: David C. Forbes (251) 460-6181
Professors: James Davis, Forbes, Wierzbicki
Associate Professors:  Hoffman
Assistant Professors: Battiste, Barletta, Jason Coym, Miller, Perine, Stenson, Sykora
Senior Instructor: Patricia Davis
Instructors: Jennifer Coym, Merritt, Roe
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The chemistry curriculum is designed for students seeking a liberal education as well as for those students requiring more specialized training and skills. The courses provide the foundation necessary for those planning careers as chemists and biochemists following graduation, for students planning to further their education through advanced degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, related sciences, and for those in other professional fields. Two basic curricula are offered for chemistry majors:
  1.  the American Chemical Society certified degree program in Chemistry is available for those students seeking technical positions in chemistry, as well as for those planning to attend graduate school, or
  2. a Biochemistry Option track is available for students strongly interested in the interface of chemistry and biomedical or biological sciences, especially for students anticipating going to graduate school in medical sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, or other life sciences.
Students pursuing a degree in Chemistry also must have minor in another discipline.
All first-time freshmen must successfully complete CAS 100: First Year Experience as a degree requirement. Students must enroll during their first term at USA, except for summer-entry students who must enroll in the fall semester following entry.
A minimum of 43 semester hours in Chemistry beyond the CH 132 and CH 132L or CH 141 and CH 141L course level as listed below:
CH 131, 131L 3, 1 hrs    
CH 132, 132L 3, 1 hrs    
Or CH 141, 141L 4, 1 hrs    
CH 150 2 hrs CH 201, 201L 202, 202L

3, 1, 3, 1 hrs

CH 265, 265L 3, 1 hrs CH 301, 301L, 302, 302L 3, 1, 3, 1 hrs
CH 401, 401L 3, 1 hrs CH 465, 465L 3, 2 hrs
CH 440 3 hrs CH 492, 493 1, 1 hrs
CH 494 4 hrs    
Electives: In addition to these courses above, a student must choose one other 400 level chemistry course to satisfy the degree program requirements.
Mathematics: Two semesters of Calculus (MA 125, MA 126).
Physics: Two semesters of calculus-based Physics (PH 201, PH 202). Students planning to attend graduate school interested in either physical chemistry or analytical chemistry are encouraged to take the third semester of physics (PH 303).
A minimum of 41 semester hours in Chemistry beyond the CH 132 and CH 132L or CH 141 and CH 141L course level, as listed below:
CH 131, 131L 3, 1 hrs    
CH 132, 132L 3, 1 hrs    
Or CH 141, 141L 4, 1 hrs    
CH 150 2 hrs CH 201, 201L, 202, 202L 3, 1, 3, 1 hrs
CH 265, 265L 3, 1 hrs CH 300, 300L 3, 1 hrs
CH 403 3 hrs CH 440, 441 3, 3 hrs
CH 443 3 hrs CH 465, 465L 3, 2 hrs
CH 394/494 4 hrs CH 492, 493 1, 1 hrs
Mathematics: Two Semesters of Calculus (MA 125, MA 126)
Physics: Two Semesters of calculus-based Physics (PH 201, PH 202)
Areas I, II, and IV of the General Education Requirements for Chemistry are specified in the College of Arts and Sciences section. Note that Area III requirements (Mathematics and Natural Sciences) are fulfilled by the major requirements specified above.
The Chemistry Senior Thesis Program is designed to stimulate analytical and critical thinking and as such offers motivated and focused undergraduate students the opportunity to develop research and communication skills in preparation for a graduate or professional career. To apply for admission into the program, a student must:
  Have Junior Chemistry Major status or above.
  Have completed CH 131, CH 132, CH 201, CH 202, plus one (1) more lower or upper division chemistry course.
  Have earned a 3.25 GPA or better in chemistry courses attempted.
  Have earned a 3.0 GPA or better overall.
  Obtain a recommendation from a faculty member who will serve as research mentor for senior thesis.
In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the standard chemistry program, senior thesis students must complete:
  A minimum of six (6) semester hours of Honors Research (CH 499). Upon successful completion of six (6) hours of CH 499 the requirement for four (4) hours of Directed Studies (CH 494) will be waived.
  A formal research Project Prospectus needs to be submitted and approved by the student's research mentor during the first term of participation in program. The prospectus will be prepared under the supervision of the student's research mentor and should include an introduction to the proposed research project, proposed research methods, and relevant literature citations.
  Complete a written research thesis.
  The formation of a thesis committee will be at the discretion of the faculty mentor.
  Present a formal oral defense of the research work to Chemistry Department faculty and students.
  Complete a poster presentation at national, regional, or local research forum. Examples being an ACS National meeting, the USA Annual Research Forum (Spring term) or the UCUR Annual Research Forum (Fall term).
Students participating in the Chemistry Senior Thesis Program who have a 3.5 GPA will also be eligible for University Departmental Honors status.
Chemistry majors who are part of the University Honors Program will meet the requirements for the Undergraduate Chemistry Senior thesis as well as those of the University's program.
A minimum of 12 semester hours in Chemistry beyond the CH 132 and CH 132L or CH 141 and CH 141L course level is required. This minor will consist of CH 201 and CH 201L, CH 202 and CH 202L, and CH 265 and CH 265L. Students are advised to consult with the Chair of the Department of Chemistry.
Although the Department of Chemistry has no graduate degree programs, courses are offered at the graduate level for those students who need such work.

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