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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008



Interdisciplinary programs are designed to combine several disciplines in their curriculum. Several interdisciplinary programs are offered by the College.
1. a minor in African-American Studies,
2. a minor in Composite Sciences. A student must take a minimum of 32 semester hours including MA 125, MA 126, one of the following Biology laboratory sequences (BLY 101/BLY 101L and BLY 102/BLY 102L or BLY 121/BLY 121L and BLY 122/BLY 122L), a Chemistry laboratory sequence (CH 131/CH 131L and CH 132/CH 132L), and one of the following laboratory sequences: Geography laboratory sequence (GEO 101/GEO 101L and GEO 102/GEO 102L). Geology laboratory sequence (GY 111/GY 111L and GY 112/GY 112L), and one of the following Physics laboratory sequences (PH 114/PH 114L and PH 115/PH 115L or PH 201/PH 201L and PH 202/PH 202L). Geology majors are required to take a Physics laboratory sequence.
3. a minor in Gender Studies,
4. an undergraduate and graduate certificate in Gerontology,
5. a major in International Studies,
6. a double major in International Studies and International Business,
7. a double major in International Studies and Foreign Languages and Literatures,
8. a minor in International Studies,
9. a minor in Related Sciences. A student must take a minimum of 20 semester hours by taking CH 131/CH 131L, CH 132/CH 132L, CH 201/CH 201L and any two courses (a lecture and its laboratory component count as once course) from the following.
CH 202/CH 202L
CH 265/CH 265L
CH 414/CH 414L
CH 440
CH 441
GY 111/GY 111L
GY 112/GY 112L
GY 413
GY 461
The requirements for each of these programs are listed as follows.

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