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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


Chair: Ross N. Dickens (251) 460-6729
Professor Emeritus: James Bobo, A. Douglas Stutsman
Professors: Chang, Dickens, Swofford
Associate Professor: Forbus
Assistant Professors: Hunsader, Javine, Mitchell, Pennywell
Department of Economics and Finance web site
The Economics and Finance major is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in business and government. Two concentrations are available within the Economics/Finance major: Economics and Finance.
All Economics/Finance majors are required to take the following three courses and choose one concentration area:
ECO 315 FIN 343 FIN 420
The Economics concentration is designed to prepare students for professional careers in managerial positions, government, administration, education, and others. Positions in business economics and graduate study require knowledge of economics and the application of economic tools to analyze problems for decision-making.
The following courses are required:
ECO 316 ECO 330 ECO 491  
Choose three electives from the following:
ECO 318 ECO 322 ECO 323 ECO 343
ECO 363 ECO 383 FIN 430  
The Finance concentration is designed to provide an understanding of the various areas and principles of finance. Students will develop a body of specialized knowledge and analytical techniques that are used in the acquisition, allocation and management of financial resources. Finance careers are typically in industry and commercial businesses, public utilities and government agencies, banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, investment companies and other financial institutions.
The finance concentration is appropriate for students who plan a career in corporate finance, financial planning, investment planning and research, or insurance.
The following courses are required:
FIN 332 FIN 350 FIN 410 FIN 411
Choose two electives from the following:
FIN 345 FIN 421 FIN 430 FIN 445
FIN 470 FIN 471 MKT 345 MKT 445

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