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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


Chair: David Turnipseed (251) 460-6411
Professor Emeritus: Edward Harrison
Professors: Gamble, Icenogle, Larson, Maes, Moore, Retzlaff-Roberts, Turnipseed,
Associate Professor: Mosley
Assistant Professors: Chow, Finney, Gillis, Weldy
Instructors: King, Lambe
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Four concentrations are available within the Management major: General Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Service Management.
All Management Majors are required to take the following four courses and choose one concentration area.
  MGT 334
MGT 340
MGT 351
MGT 492
General Management Concentration
The General Management concentration offers courses designed to give students a solid foundation in the field of Management and will enable them to become effective managers, problem-solvers, and decision-makers in the world of business, industry, and government. Emphasis is placed upon problem recognition and anticipation, problem solving, and managerial decision-making. The thrust of the curriculum is to give students insight into the means for improving the productivity and efficiency of modern organizations.
Choose five electives from the following:
MGT 311
MGT 345
MGT 390
MGT 430
MGT 441
MGT 450
MGT 451
MGT 452
MGT 454
MGT 455
MGT 456
MGT 460
MGT 462
MGT 465
MGT 470
MGT 483
Human Resource Management Concentration
Managers have become aware of the significant impact on the bottom line of effective utilization of the human resources in an organization. As a result, the Human Resource Manager has become a key person on the top management team. The Human Resource Management concentration provides the student with the skills and knowledge to become a proficient practitioner in this leading organizational field.
The following courses are required.
  MGT 452
MGT 450
Choose three electives from the following:
MGT 451
MGT 454
MGT 455
MGT 460
MGT 470
Entrepreneurship Concentration
Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth for the United States and the Mobile region. The Entrepreneurship concentration is designed to create an "innovation" focused mindset that produces entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders in ALL sectors of the society including: starting businesses, working in financing careers, innovative educators, franchise owners, economic development officials and social entrepreneurs. The concentration allows student to choose a combination of courses that best match their interests and entrepreneurial opportunities.
The following courses are required:
  ACC 321 MGT 345      
  MGT 465        
Choose two electives from the following:
  BUS 497 MGT 347      
  MGT 456 MGT 483      
Service Management Concentration
Services are the largest and fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy with considerable job opportunities both nationally and in the region. The Service Management concentration is designed to meet the growing need for individuals anticipating management careers in service organizations. The flexible course composition of the concentration allows students to choose the combination of courses that best suit their interests and career strategies.
The following courses are required:
  MGT 390 MGT 441 MGT 430    
Choose two courses from the following:
  MGT 450 MGT 451 MGT 452 MGT 470  
  MKT 345 MKT 374 MKT 375 MKT 379  

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