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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


BUS 150 Introduction to Business and Management 3 cr
A survey of the field of business, including profit-seeking firms, not-for-profit organizations, and new businesses created by entrepreneurs. Emphasis on the business environment, organization and management, current economic and international issues, and career opportunities. Societal and ethical issues are also examined. The course is required of all incoming freshmen and any entering transfer student with less that 15 hours.
BUS 245 Applied Business Statistics I 3 cr
An examination of statistical techniques that are used to support managerial decision-making and problem solving. Topics include measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability theory, discrete and continuous sampling distributions, methods of estimation, and test of hypotheses. Prerequisite: MA 112.
BUS 255 Applied Business Statistics II 3 cr
This course covers statistical techniques that are used to support business decision making and problem solving. Topics covered include Chi-Square Tests, Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance, Simple Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis, Multiple Regression and Model Building, Time Series Forecasting, and Decision Theory. Computer based data analysis is emphasized in this course. Prerequisite: BUS 245 or ST 210.
BUS 265 Legal Environment of Business I 3 cr
A study of the global legal environment in which contemporary American business functions, including a review of legal thought and ethical considerations and the foundations and impacts of governmental regulation in areas such as labor and employment, environmental concerns, consumer protection, and antitrust. Contemporary issues, domestic and international concepts and institutions, and social forces that shape the legal environment are emphasized. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
BUS 305 Information Systems and Technology 3 cr
The analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. Analysis of the functional area of business and integration of computer tools to satisfy information requirements. Current developments in business computer systems, including surveys of current systems and the Internet. Computer classrooms are utilized to provide students with “hands on” experience. Prerequisite: CIS 250.
BUS 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide senior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. Permission of Department Chair. A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the major.
BUS 496 MCOB Honors Senior Project I  
Applied business project and paper prepared under the direction of a project advisor plus two other persons elected by the advisor in consultation with the student. The student must have developed a proposal for the project and paper in consultation with the advisor and received permission from the committee to proceed. In addition, the student must be entering his or her senior year and be a major in the Mitchell College of Business. The project proposal must be formulated no later than the end of the first semester of the student's senior year and the project must be completed by the student's graduation date. The student must have maintained his or her standing in the university honors program to be eligible to enroll in this course. The student will formally enroll in the course in his or her last full semester in school. The course may be counted in one of two ways: 1) as an additional course not counting towards the business degree, or 2) in special cases, as a major or business elective, to be decided by the committee. Prerequisites: Completion of HON 399 and the business core with the exception of MGT 485.
BUS 497 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship  
This course provides an overview of the legal and financial issues most frequently encountered by entrepreneurs and others involved in start-ups and small closely held, or family businesses. The course covers various aspects of financing and entrepreneurial venture. Major topics attracting seed and growth capital from sources such as venture capital, investment banking, government, and commercial banks; creating, protecting and leveraging intellectual property. Among the issues discussed are valuing a company, going public, selling out, acquisitions, bankruptcy, different legal forms or organizations, partnerships, and taxes. Prerequisite: MGT 345.
BUS 498 Mitchell Scholars Senior Project  
Applied business project and presentation prepared under the direction of the instructor in consultation with the student. This course will have irregular meetings scheduled by the instructor and will have both a classroom component and a project component. The student must have maintained his or her standing in the Mitchell Scholars program and be a senior to be eligible to enroll in this course. This class will be counted in one of three ways: 1) as a business elective, 2) as an additional course not counting towards the business degree, or 3) in special cases, as a major elective to be decided by the major department’s faculty. Prerequisite: Completion of the business core with the exception of MGT 485.



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