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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2007-2008


MKT 320 Principles of Marketing 3 cr
Description and analysis of the institutions involved in the operations required to create and coordinate the kind, quality, and quantity of market transactions necessary to satisfy the need of households, industry, government, and international customers. Topics include marketing planning, market segmentation, societal and ethical obligations, and strategies for products, pricing, promotion, and channel decisions. Prerequisites: ACC 211, ECO 215.
MKT 336 International Marketing 3 cr
Examination of cultural, economic, and political factors that affect marketing of goods and services worldwide. Emphasis is placed on developing global marketing strategies of multinational corporations within existing trade structure and regulations. Both product and service flows between countries and regions are discussed. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 340 Introduction to E-Commerce 3 cr
Designed to provide an overview of a new paradigm for business transactions. Focuses on electronic interactions and exchanges in both B2B and B2C arenas, and the infrastructure providers as they converge for the purchase and sale of goods, services, ideas, and information over the Internet. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 345 Real Estate 3 cr
Introduction to the tools used to make intelligent decisions regarding real estate as a wealth-building asset. Topics include legal rights, valuation, financial analysis, contracts, and brokerage with practical applications. Emphasis is given to local supply and demand conditions and property location and their impact on typical consumer decisions. Prerequisite: FIN 315.
MKT 346 Alabama Real Estate Law and Regulations 1 cr
Course required for students planning to take the Alabama Real Estate License Examination. Topics include current Alabama Real Estate License Law, Administrative Rules and Regulations, Consumer Guides, State Court Cases and relevant readings in Real Estate Risk Management. Prerequisite: Completion or current enrollment in MKT 345 and consent of the instructor.
MKT 348 Real Estate Valuation 3 cr
Emphasis is given to the valuation process and the analysis that leads to valid estimates of value. The cost, sales comparison, and income approaches to value are examined and illustrated within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice requirements. Typical valuation reports are discussed and illustrated. Prerequisites: MKT 345.
MKT 350 Internet Marketing 3 cr
Examination of the interactive processes and transactions involved in satisfying the needs of consumers, businesses, and government. Involves the study of marketing planning, consumer research, segmentation, and Implementation of marketing strategies on the Internet in order to accomplish corporate objectives. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 355 Customer Relationship Management 3 cr
The course provides a comprehensive business model integrating customers and suppliers along the value chain. The focus is on the methodologies, tools, and techniques required for customer acquisition, retention, and profitability in competitive buyer/supplier environments. Prerequisite: MKT 320.
MKT 374 Buyer Behavior 3 cr
A study of the contributions of the behavioral sciences to the interpretation of market information. Involves the use of behavioral information which pertain to the analysis of consumers and organizational buyers in both domestic and international settings. Prerequisites : MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 375 Supply Chain Management 3 cr
This course encompasses the design and management of the supply chain that collectively provides for the exchange of title, physical movement, and storage activities in marketing, including the use of new technologies. This course examines the role of manufacturers and intermediaries in channel strategies including scope, methods, problems and opportunities of total supply chain coordination. Perquisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 376 Industrial Marketing 3 cr
Study of the participants, channels, and relationships that govern the behavior of industrial buyers and marketers. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 377 Pricing Strategies 3 cr
Pricing strategies encompasses the design and monitoring of an integrative framework for making pricing decisions. The purpose of this course is to synthesize economic and behavioral principles with marketing, accounting, and financial information, and to analyze the various pricing options within legal, market, and corporate constraints. This course covers both theory and application of pricing strategies for national and multinational concerns organized as either profit or non-profit entities. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 379 Retailing 3 cr
Study of the management of retail operations. Topics include store location and layout, merchandise buying and planning, legal and ethical issues, promotion, pricing, human resource management, financial planning, information systems, and customer services. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 380 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 cr
Study of the fundamentals of marketing communications from a strategic perspective. Examines the roles of and relationships between a variety of marketing communication elements including advertising, direct marketing, database marketing, interactive marketing, media planning, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 381 Sales Management and Personal Selling 3 cr
Study of the principles and practices of sales management in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, the sales organization in both domestic and international markets. Included in the course are skills developed through presentation, discussion, and role playing. Special emphasis is directed to recruiting, selecting, training, evaluating, compensating, and supervising sales personnel and sales organizations. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 382 Brand Management 3 cr
Systematic examination of strategies involved in tangible and intangible product decisions. Issues and strategies involved in identifying and implementing the development of new goods and services for both domestic and international markets are examined in depth, as well as the management of mature products. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 384 Market Research 3 cr
Study of information gathering techniques, research methods and procedures used to solve marketing problems in consumer and organizational in both domestic and international markets. Prerequisites: BUS 255 and MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 385 Services Marketing 3 cr
Study of the unique features of services marketing and the service sector. Examines the strategies and activities of organizations and industries whose core product is service, such as sports, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, information technology, and event marketing. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and sophomore standing.
MKT 405 Current Issues in Supply Chain Management 3 cr
An integrative course highlighting the major managerial challenges in key components of the supply chain, including sourcing, production, and logistics, with special emphasis on supply chain integration, customer value and performance measurement.
MKT 445 Real Estate Finance and Investments 3 cr
Analysis of income property debt and equity instruments, financing documents, financial analysis and risk scenarios of different types, and relevant local, state, and federal laws and court cases. Prerequisites: MKT 345.
MKT 448 Real Estate Law 3 cr
A detailed examination of the contracts, documents, and instruments used in a transaction on one or more of the real property rights, and relevant local, state, and federal laws and court cases. Prerequisite: MKT 345.
MKT 477 Export-Import Management 3 cr
Study of exporting and importing strategies used by both domestic and multinational firms including a concentration in the areas of international pricing, governmental assistance, and channel selection. Emphasis is placed on the best practices and procedures of packing and documentation. Prerequisites: MKT 320 and MKT 336.
MKT 479 Marketing Policy (W) 3 cr
The capstone course for marketing majors. Integration and application of marketing concepts requiring analysis of both domestic and international marketing problems. Prerequisites: Seniors only, MKT 374, MKT 384.
MKT 490 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide senior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. Prerequisite: Approval of department chair. (A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the Concentration.) Prerequisite: Junior standing.
MKT 492 Seminar: International Business 3 cr
Examines current organizations and practices of domestic and foreign businesses in the international market; problems of trade and foreign government regulation barriers, investment opportunities and economic arrangements and developments, the role of the manager in the rapidly changing economic environments. Prerequisites: Junior standing and MKT 320.
MKT 494 Directed Study in Marketing 3 cr
Primarily designed to give superior students an opportunity to study some phase of marketing of particular interest. Conferences, a bibliography, and a formal research report are required. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and approval of the department chair following the evaluation of a written proposal.
MKT 496 Marketing Internship 3 cr
The internship program is designed to give students practical experience in their field of study. Students complete directed projects under the supervision of Department Chair. No more than three hours of internship credit may be counted toward a degree in the Mitchell College of Business. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing, declared major in Marketing, overall GPA of at least 2.5, and Internship Agreement signed by Department Chair.
MKT 541 Strategic Marketing 3 cr
The course focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of marketing in strategic and complex environments. The course deals with an in-depth analysis of concepts, theories, technologies, facts, analytical procedures, techniques, and models as applied to the marketing function. The course addresses strategic issues such as which customers to target; which needs to satisfy; what products and services to offer; what prices to set; what communications to send; what channels of distribution to use; and what partnerships to develop. Students will learn methods of measuring customer profitability and customer lifetime value; the return on the marketing investment and its impact on shareholder value; and the ethical and social implications of marketing decisions.
MKT 544 Global Environment of Business 3 cr
The course highlights the strategic nature of the influences on every aspect of business that enables comprehension of both the bearing and magnitude of the nuances across borders. The course encourages appreciation of the role of global forces in the survival and success of business enterprises while facilitating the understanding of the basic tenets and concepts in global business and how they relate to doing business globally. It also advances the comprehension of the environmental forces, such as economic, technological, sociocultural, natural, competitive, legal-political-regulatory, that affect business decisions in the global arena while allowing students to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of specific market strategies that involve business decision making within an ethical and technological framework.
MKT 590 Special Topics 3 cr
Designed to provide graduate students an opportunity to study selected topics. A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the MBA degree program. Prerequisite: Approval of department chair.
MKT 594 Independent Study in Marketing 3 cr

Readings and research on selected topics. Conferences and formal research report required. Prerequisite: Approval of department chair.


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