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The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for that part of the student's total educational experience which takes place outside the formal classroom program. Among its concerns are housing, Student Center, student activities, recreation, student organizations, programs, disciplinary actions, disabled student services, community service, personal counseling, minority affairs and testing services. Through such activities as the Student Government Association, the students are given a responsible voice in the governance of the University. (See Student Handbook, The Lowdown.) Students also participate as members of University-wide committees as well as on committees within the colleges of the University.

The University of South Alabama, concerned with the total growth and development of its students, believes that attention should be given, not only to the intellectual aspect of this growth but also to the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Through all of the services and programs of the University, students will hopefully acquire, along with a sound intellectual competence, a maturing sense of values.

The mission of the Student Center is to serve as a focal point of the campus where the University family - students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as the extended community, can participate in informal association outside of the classroom. As the center of the University community it provides programs by students and for students which encourage the understanding and appreciation of cultural pluralism and ethnic diversity. It also provides opportunities for citizenship, social responsibility, and leadership development where students can enhance their educational development and enrich the University's environment.

Located in the building are lounge areas, a student art gallery, office space for student organizations, recreational facilities, dining services, and other service facilities. Six meeting rooms, a ballroom, and audio-visual equipment are available at no charge to student organizations, and administrative and academic departments. Individuals and outside organizations may reserve space and equipment for a small fee.

Reservations for any space in or around the Student Center may be made through Student Center Services Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at 460-6077.

The Campus Recreation Program at the university is designed to offer a wide variety of recreational activities to the entire University community. Campus recreation accommodates many styles of participation, including team and individual competition in a variety of sports and other activities with purely fitness emphasis such as aerobics, weight training, etc. Persons or groups may use recreational facilities or equipment for social activities approved by the Campus Recreation Department.
The continuing goal of the program is to provide recreational activities that offer optimum benefits of enjoyment, health, social interaction, and sportsmanship to participants.

The Student Recreation Center opened in 1992 with racquetball courts, basketball courts, an indoor running track, and a fitness center. This facility is free to students. The number of the Rec Center is (334)460-6065.

The University Counseling Services are staffed by professional counselors who are available to assist students with personal problems as well as with academic and vocational concerns. All types of adjustment and emotional problems are handled, including marriage and pre-marriage counseling, on a self-referral basis. Psychotherapy is provided by qualified counselors and referrals are made to various agencies as needs arise. The Counseling Service provides psychological testing and evaluation and coordinates other appropriate "campus survival" activities. No fees are charged for counseling, but, in some cases, a small fee is required for certain testing services. Counseling records are considered professional information and are protected accordingly. Personal confidences are strictly respected. Students may seek information or appointments either by telephoning 460-7051 or by visiting the Counseling Services, located in Alpha Hall East, Room 326.

The University has established a Center for Substance Abuse Education and Prevention. This office provides assessment, counseling, intervention, and referral services for University students and employees. There is no charge for information or on-campus counseling. Contact the Substance Abuse Counselor at (334)460-7980 located in Alpha Hall East, Room 308.

The USA Police Department has a Crime Prevention Program and a Crime Prevention Officer located on the main campus in Delta II, Room 214. The telephone number is (334)460-6312 or (334)460-7880. Parts of the Crime Prevention Program pertain to lighting and safety programs, Rape Awareness Seminars and information, self-defense information, and campus safety tips.

The University offers special services to students with disabilities. Students who register with this office must submit documentation regarding the disabilities. Services provided are: priority registration, counseling, tutoring, study skills training, advocacy training, enlargements for the visually impaired, interpreters for the deaf, assistance in obtaining recordings for the blind, and arrangements for accommodations in and out of the classroom as covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Students in need of services due to a disability should contact the Special Student Services Office in Room 270, Student Center, (334)460-7212.

The University does not permit the possession, consumption, or distribution of alcohol by an individual on any of its campuses and in any of its facilities. Organizations may be permitted to have alcohol at events if permission is granted through the Office of Campus Involvement. The possession, consumption, and/or distribution of illegal substances without a medical prescription are forbidden. Violation of either policy is subject to both University administrative action and criminal prosecution. See The Lowdown for a full description of the policy.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs, located in 260 Student Center, is committed to building a sense of community through special programs, mentoring relationships and encouraging membership in majority groups for minority students. This office is working to aid retention and to assist in leadership development for students.

The Student Programming Board, Jaguar Productions, presents activities to serve the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of students. Those students who are directly involved have opportunities to exemplify creative thinking and leadership outside the classroom.

Student Programming functions through committees, such as Fine Arts, Horizons, Club South, Trips and Tours, Concerts, Movies, Special Events, Technical, and Promotions. Students select, publicize and produce the events. All students are invited to join these committees.

Students attending the University of South Alabama are accepted as responsible adults working with their faculty colleagues in search of knowledge. Rigid regulation of personal conduct will not be necessary since freedom as an objective of education is difficult without the actual existence of freedom.

Such freedom must be balanced by individual responsibility and respect for the rights, responsibilities, and freedom of others. Students, therefore, will be held accountable for their own decisions and actions. Failure to assume responsibility for actions that jeopardize the rights and freedoms of others or involve the integrity of the University will result in disciplinary review.

The University holds its students to high standards of academic excellence and similarly expects high standards of individual conduct. Persistent violations of expected standards or established regulations will necessarily involve appropriate disciplinary action. The University reserves the right to deny admission or continued attendance to students whose decisions and actions are contrary to the purposes and procedures of the University. The Lowdown, student handbook, contains the Code of Student Conduct.

The Student Academic Conduct Policy is presented in the student handbook, The Lowdown.
Please refer to that publication.

Over one hundred professional, departmental, special interest clubs, religious groups, and honor societies are active at the University. These organizations represent a wide variety of disciplines and interests and provide an opportunity for every student to get involved. Any student group seeking recognition is encouraged to pick up application forms in the Office of Campus Involvement, Room 129, Student Center, (334) 460-7003.

Talent Search is a federally funded program sponsored by the University. This program identifies at-risk young people in middle schools and high schools with potential for postsecondary education and encourages them to continue and graduate from secondary schools and enroll in programs of postsecondary education. High school dropouts are also encouraged to return to school. Tutoring for the program participants is provided by USA students. For information contact the Educational Talent Search Office, UCOM 5700, (334)380-2620.

All motor vehicles used on the campus by students, faculty, or staff must be registered with the University Bursar's Office. At the time of vehicle registration, a set of traffic regulations is issued to each person together with a parking hang tag. Anyone driving a car to the campus without a current hang tag should obtain a temporary permit from University Police; visitors should obtain Visitor Permits.

University Testing Service serves as a regional testing center for national testing organizations.
Testing is provided as requested by the various departments of the University. Most national entrance examinations are administered by the center. Information regarding specific tests offered, schedules, and registration materials may be obtained by contacting the University Testing Service located in Alpha Hall East, Room 325, at (334)460-6271.

Competing in both men's and women's sports on the intercollegiate level, the University's athletic program fulfills a vital role in giving the students a well-rounded environment of study and recreational entertainment. The University is an active member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Teams are maintained yearly in baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, track, and volleyball. Governed by regulations set forth by the President of the University, the Director of Athletics, the NCAA, and the Sun Belt Conference, athletic participation and expansion are enlarging as rapidly as facilities permit.


The mission of the Department of Athletics at the University of South Alabama is to complement and supplement the total educational program of the institution. The athletic department must provide learning experiences for all student-athletes and give each individual the opportunity to share in personal and group success. The University of South Alabama Department of Athletics provides student involvement in activities that help develop unity by encouraging a common quest for all students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University. The athletic program is committed to enriching the mental and physical capabilities of its student-athletes while developing and building a respected program that is competitive on a national level in selected sports, at the same time operating a quality program in the other sports that will create a basis for pride among the varied constituencies of the University.

The Student Health Center is located at the end of Clinic Drive in the Health Services Building, Suite 1100. Ambulatory care services are available during each quarter to all students actively enrolled at the University.

The Center is open and staffed by Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. when school is in session, Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made by calling 460-7151 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy and specialty services are available on a fee-for-service basis at the Health Services Building with payment due at the time services are provided. After regular hours, a nurse is on call for urgent problems and can be reached by calling Student Health at 460-7151. Students who require more extensive care for medical or surgical problems will be referred.

All students should have medical insurance. An informational brochure on an optional student health insurance is available at the Student Center Information Desk or the Student Affairs Office.
Students are encouraged to purchase this policy if they do not have other medical insurance.

Health and Prevention Education programs are also available and can be scheduled by calling Student Health. If students wish to participate directly in a peer health education program or the Student Health Advisory Council, they may inquire by calling Student Health.

The music department sponsors a number of musical organizations open to interested members of the entire University student body on credit and non-credit basis. These organizations include Concert Choir; University Chorale; University Symphonic Band; Jazz Band; Woodwind, Brass, Guitar, String, Percussion, and Piano Ensembles; and University Opera Theatre.

The student newspaper, The Vanguard, is distributed free to students and is under the direction of a Board comprised of representatives from the Student Government Association, The Vanguard, the faculty, media services, and public relations. The editors and business managers for publications are selected from applications submitted by interested students.

The University and the community offer to students an opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and recreational programs. Among them are concerts by symphonic and chamber organizations, choral groups and choirs, ballet and opera productions, theatre, art exhibits, film series, and lecture and discussion conferences. In many of these programs, students are urged to participate as performers. Special events are scheduled on the campus, and reduced rates for students are arranged for many civic programs.


The Chief of Police, who heads the University Police Department, reports to the Vice President of Operations and Facilities.

The University's Personnel Department currently screens job applicants and conducts criminal and past employment histories on all prospective employees. A signed background form is requested prior to employment.

The University Police Department consists of a Chief, three Police Sergeants, one Investigator, a Crime Prevention Specialist, four Police Corporals, thirteen sworn Police Officers, and one administrative personnel. All sworn officers have completed the Minimum Standards for Police officer Academy for the State of Alabama. Security, administrative and student employees are trained by the Police Department. University Police have full police powers granted by the State of Alabama (Title 16-22-1 and 2). Police matters are handled within the department, including arrests, initial complaint taking, and criminal investigations. Crime reports are routinely submitted to both State and Federal law enforcement, through the Crime Information System. Crime reports are submitted to local law enforcement as needed for cooperative or mutual investigative purposes. In emergencies or at the request of University Police, Alabama State Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and/or local law enforcement agencies are contacted for assistance. There is a reciprocal working relationship between the University, local, state and federal police departments. On campus, incidents of crime will be reported to University Police.

The University of South Alabama is a dry campus. In accordance with the University Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy, alcoholic beverages will not be possessed, consumed nor served on campus except at the designated times and places in compliance with state law. Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and controlled substances, prohibited by law, are strictly prohibited on all University properties.
The possession or use of explosives, firearms, and or other dangerous weapons are prohibited. University Police and security officers are authorized to be armed in order to protect themselves and others. In addition to the officers' initial firearms training and qualifications, annual training is provided by a certified firearm instructor.

The University Police and the Department of Housing provide security policies and procedures information to all residence hall students during orientation held at the beginning of each quarter.
Each student is also given written details of security rules and regulations. The Crime Prevention Unit, located in the residence halls for easy access, provides follow-up and safety and security related programs to student groups, classes and individuals. Programs included are Rape Prevention and Awareness, College Dating Expectations, Domestic Violence, General Crime Prevention, and many others. The Crime Prevention Unit works closely with all areas of the University and coordinates other programs such as Victim's Advocacy, Victim's Assistance, Rape Hotline, Operation ID, Campus Watch, Crime Tip Line, and Crime Awareness presentations. Each of these programs are on-going and are intended to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own security as well as others.

Access to University facilities and programs are restricted to University affiliates except for special programs. Facilities and events open to the public are so advertised. The maintenance of campus facilities provide for regular upkeep of grounds and buildings to promote safety. The University Police report unsafe campus conditions related to grounds or facilities to the Maintenance Department.
All University community members are encouraged to report unsafe campus conditions to University Police and/or Maintenance Department.

This Crime Statistics Report is published in accordance with the Campus Security Act of 1990, showing the most recent three year period for which data is available:

Reporting Period:

Aggravated Assault
Auto Theft




The Office of Veterans Affairs is located in the Administration Building, in Room 240 on the USA main campus. The office provides services to all veterans and dependents of veterans.
Students desiring veterans' educational benefits must contact the Office of Veterans Affairs (334)460-6230.

The Veterans Affairs Specialist processes all enrollment certifications to be sent to the Veterans Administration Regional office. Other services include counseling, providing tutorial assistance for certain qualified veterans.

The University of South Alabama is approved for the education of veterans, service members, and dependents of veterans eligible for benefits under the programs of the Veterans Administration.

For information concerning "Transfer Credit from Military. Service School," see Admissions/Enrollment Services Section.

A college education offers students the opportunities for advanced learning, interesting career options, and meeting new people. An additional opportunity of the college experience is on-campus living where learning and personal growth occur in the community environment of University housing.

The University of South Alabama offers a wide range of housing facilities to meet the lifestyles of a diversified student body. The options available include apartments, efficiencies, suites, and a limited number of private suites and efficiency apartments. Family housing and graduate apartments are also available on a limited basis.

A student should apply for housing as soon as he or she has been accepted to the University of South Alabama. Assignments are made on a "first come, first serve" basis. Students and parents should also be aware that housing fees are always due two to three months prior to the beginning of each semester.

The residence halls at the University of South Alabama have several different types of accommodations to meet the varying needs of students.

Two-Person Suites: Most rooms in the Delta Area are two-person suites that open onto an exterior walkway. The Epsilon Area offers two-person suites that open onto an interior hallway. Both types of rooms have a private bath.

Four-Person Suites: Located in the Gamma Area, these suites are designed to accommodate four students. Gamma suites are composed of two rooms joined by a bathroom.

Four-Person Apartments: Both the Gamma and Beta Areas offer two bedroom apartments with living/dining space, a private bathroom, and a kitchen.

Two-Person Efficiency Apartments: A limited number of studio-type apartments are available in the Gamma and Beta Areas. These apartments consist of a living/sleeping space, a private bathroom, and a kitchen.

Two-Person Efficiency Suites: This type of room is available on a limited basis in Delta VI and Epsilon II. Delta VI offers a kitchenette unit as an additional feature to the above described two-person suite. The two-person efficiency suites in Epsilon II offers a mini-microwave/refrigerator unit.

Private Rooms: A limited number of private suites and private efficiencies are available in the Delta Area.

Single and Double Efficiencies are available for students who are in the professional component of the nursing, occupational, physical and respiratory therapy programs. These units are located at 1500 Government Street which is approximately 1 mile from the USA Springhill campus. These rooms are equipped with a small kitchen, living/sleeping area and private bathroom.

Suites and Apartments for the Disabled: The Gamma and Beta areas have accommodations suitable for the disabled. A limited number are available to students who qualify as disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Furnishings: All rooms in the residence hall areas are equipped with beds, closets, and dressers. Also, all rooms are heated and air-conditioned through individual room units or through a central system. The apartments are also furnished with living room furniture, a dining table and chairs.
Power, water, gas, and a campus cable system are included in the semester rent. Each residence hall area has a common building/space which includes a TV room, laundry facilities, and vending machines available for student use.

General Residence Hall Information: All students are assigned based on the date their application is received by the Department of Housing. The residence hall contract provides housing for the entire academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters) or from the initial semester of the contract to the end of the academic year. Students may change rooms and/or areas after receiving appropriate authorization and when vacancies are available. A residence hall contract may be canceled only if the student fails to enroll, withdraws from the University, marries, participates in a co-op or an intern program, or graduates from the University. If students are eligible to cancel, they must contact their Area Office in writing on or before the FAILURE TO PAY DATE, for the effected semester. A cancellation fee will be charged. If students fail to cancel, in writing, by the specified date, they will forfeit their entire security deposit. Refer to the residence hall contract for more specific information.

The University of South Alabama owns and operates two-and three-bedroom houses for rent to students, faculty, staff, and the public in Hillsdale Heights, a residential community adjacent to campus. These houses are available to married students, students who are single parents with dependent children, students 25 years or older, and students who have completed 60 semester hours (or 85 quarter hours.) The houses are not furnished or air-conditioned. Students are required to sign a six month lease. Due to the high demand for affordable family housing, there is a waiting list for the Hillsdale area.

General Housing Information: The information above has provided a general outline of the different styles of housing available at the University of South Alabama. It is recommended that any student having questions concerning housing should contact the Department of Housing at the address or appropriate telephone number listed: University of South Alabama, Department of Housing, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Residence Hall Information (334) 460-6192
Family Housing/Hillsdale Information (334) 460-6187
Other Housing Information (334) 460-6185

The following Auxiliary Student Services are found at the University of South Alabama.

USA Dining Services offers a variety of exciting dining service programs located conveniently to both residential and academic areas. The services are designed with the utmost in freedom and flexibility for the ever changing needs of the USA student.

USA Dining Services offers maximum flexibility and security through a Declining Balance account. This card operation is similar to a debit card and has two accounts available. The first account is limited to food purchases only, requires no minimum and can be activated in the Dining Services business office. The second account or Gold Card may also be used for food, as well as purchases in the bookstore and game room. The Gold Card requires a $50 minimum and can be activated through the I.D. process in room 110 Student Center. Both accounts are set up on the students' I.D. Card.

Beginning with the fall of 1998 we will begin two very exciting meal programs. Both the USA 10 and USA 14 meal programs are designed to ensure quality food at great prices. All freshmen living on campus will be required to purchase the USA 10 as a minimum plan. However, you know your eating needs better than we do, so the option of all 14 meals is available. All meal programs are also available to the entire student body. Please contact the campus dining office for more information.

USA Food Court - Located on the main floor of the Student Center, this is your main campus dining facility. With selections ranging from healthy home-cooked meals, international cuisine and national brands the Food Court meets any needs. Some of the most popular lunch concepts include Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Broadway Bagels. The dinner meal option has been modified to an all-u-care to eat option to accommodate the USA 10 and USA 14 meal plans.

Delta Deli and Grille - Located in the Delta Commons building which is nestled at the heart of the residential community, this facility is a short walk for all campus housing. Late night is the favorite time to stop by and grab a bite. Our most popular choices include Blimpie's Subs and Salads, our signature 1/3 pound "BIG Cheese" burger and many more short order options. There is always an abundance of new and exciting items to choose from at the Delta Deli.

Velma's - Serving Starbuck's coffee and just the right amount of sweets this is the place to visit while in the administration building. Located in the basement and run by a true customer service professional. Come by and have a sandwich and become a part of Mary's family.

Freshen's Smoothies - In the Student Center, located next to the university information booth is where you will find the Specialty Shoppe. Serving freshly prepared fruit Smoothies, delicious desserts and Starbucks coffee this is one not to miss. The quick service and atrium seating makes this a popular between class stop.

Catering Services - A full catering guide is available to help plan your next event. Services can range from a quick drop off to an elegant evening dinner. Please call and speak to our catering representative for all your needs or questions - 460-7948.

USA Brookley Conference Center - Located 6 miles from the main campus, Brookley offers a wonderful setting for any meeting or retreat. Full catering services are available for any type of event. If you need a boxed lunch to play the Gulf Pines golf course or want to have your wedding in the Magnolia Room give us a call! 431-6449.

Located on the main campus, the USA Bookstore is your one stop for all your campus needs. At the bookstore you will find new and used textbooks, as well as the supply materials necessary for all of your courses. In addition, you will find a variety of reading materials from classics to today's best sellers.

To help you show your school spirit, an assortment of emblematic giftware and fashion sportswear is also offered.

Here are a few of our many other products and services:

  • Microwave/Refrigerator Rentals

  • CD's/Cassettes

  • Class Rings

  • Soft Drinks/Snack Foods

  • Custom Sewn Apparel

  • Facsimile Service

  • Film Processing

  • Dorm Room Supplies

  • Calculators/Electronics

  • Computer Software

  • Personalized Greeting Cards

  • USA Gold Cards accepted

Regular Store Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday and Tuesday. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. "Rush" hours and summer hours will be posted at the Bookstore entrance.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and USA Gold Cards are accepted. For additional information please call 460-7012.

Located at USA Springhill, the Health Sciences Bookstore is primarily a health science bookstore which fulfills the needs of students, faculty, and health practitioners and professionals in the Mobile and surrounding counties.

Approximately 1,200 reference titles are on hand at all times and a computer terminal provides immediate access to a source of approximately 30-35,000 titles available for special order.

An extensive assortment of multimedia products are available. Anatomical models are also available for sale or rent.

The University Bookstore and the Health Sciences Bookstore both accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Cards in addition to personal checks. The USA Gold Card also serves as a debit charge card with which students may make purchases at both bookstores.
For additional information please call 434-3635.

The University of South Alabama Post Office is essentially a Contract Station operating under U.S. Postal Service guidelines and a mail room operating under the University of South Alabama policies and procedures.

This contract station is staffed by University of South Alabama employees, who are familiar with all areas of postal operations and are qualified to handle most any task. Up-to-date domestic manuals are maintained and used for reference purposes. Drop boxes and window service consist of selling postal supplies and accepting letters, flats and parcels for mailing. Departmental mail pickup and delivery service is provided by means of an established route. The campus mail room will process all departmental mail, domestic and foreign, except C.O.D., which must be handled with the U.S. Post Office.

All students who live on campus (including the campus located at 1500 Government Street) are required to have a personal mail box to receive mail; thus the Post Office box number is the student's campus address.

USA Telecommunications Department is committed to providing high quality, cost effective services to the University Community.

If you live on campus, we will be your service provider. Digital telephones are required to use the system and are provided and maintained by the Telecommunications Department. Telephones from home are analog and will not work in the digital port. Please do not bring telephones or answering machines.

If you are a first-time student, we are located off North Drive. As you approach the traffic circle on North Drive, we are the first building on your right. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Our information number is (334)460-7491 or if you are on campus, dial 6-7491.

Upon initial fall semester installation, each incoming student will be charged a prorated service charge beginning on the first day of classes. To open an account, you must come to our building and complete a contract. You will need a current on-campus post office box, a valid ID card and a refundable security deposit. The initial security deposit for telephone service will be $50.00. It will be refunded by mail or credited toward the final balance, at your option, when you close your account. The monthly rental is divided equally among the account holders in the room. Unlimited campus and local area calling are provided. There is no additional charge for custom calling features provided with the service. These include: call waiting, conference calling, speed dialing, repeat dialing and automatic camp-on-busy.

The Office of Publication Services is located in University Commons (UCOM) on the corner of University Boulevard and Old Shell Road. This department services the printing needs of students, faculty, and staff on an individual, departmental, or organizational basis. Publication Services provides the latest techniques in typesetting, desktop publishing, creative design and layout, camera work, and one- to multi-color offset printing.

Publications provides coin-operated copier services in convenient locations on and off campus. Coin-operated copiers can be found in the basement of the Administration Building, and at USA Springhill on the 2nd floor of the School of Nursing. Most walk-in cash copy orders can be completed at the Office of Publication Services while you wait.

Publication Services also provides the University community with complete production of all directional and informational signs. Lamination is available for materials ranging in size from 2" x 3" up to 11" x 17".

The quality and effectiveness of a publication can be enhanced by consulting with staff artists early in the design stages. Consultation also allows Publication Services to share valuable time-saving and cost-effective tips with the customer.

Publication Services creates printed material tailored to meet specific needs, including resumes, newsletters, directories, handbooks, posters and flyers, stationery, and more. For further information or to schedule an appointment call 380-2828.

The University Writing Center provides assistance in writing to any student enrolled in classes on any of the University's campuses. Students work with writing consultants one-on-one in a relaxed, informal setting to improve their writing skills. One-hour classes in writing skills are offered for credit each quarter for students wishing to take a credit class to improve their writing. The consulting schedule varies slightly from quarter to quarter, but it is always published in the two newsletters distributed by the Writing Center, Write Now, which is sent to faculty and staff; and WRITERS BLOCK, which is sent to students.


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