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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015



Chair: Mohan Menon (251) 460-6412
Professor Emeritus: Lynn Robinson
Distinguished Professor of Marketing: Williams
Distinguished Professor of Real Estate: Epley
Professors: Finney, Menon, Sneath
Associate Professor: Sharland

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Three concentrations are available within the Marketing major: Marketing Management, International Business and Real Estate.
All Marketing Majors are required to take the following four courses and choose one concentration area.
MKT 336 MKT 374 MKT 384 MKT 479
Marketing Management Concentration
The Marketing Management Concentration prepares students for entry-level positions in sales and sales management, supply chain management, retailing, advertising, and market research.
The following courses are required:
MKT 375 MKT 380 MKT 382 MKT 385
Choose one course from the following:
MKT 350 MKT 376 MKT 379 MKT 381
Marketing-International Business Concentration
The Marketing-International Business Concentration prepares students for entry level positions with import-export firms, international departments of domestic firms, and firms based throughout the world.
The following courses are required:
ECO 330 MGT 334 MKT 477 MKT 310
Choose one course from the following:
ECO 363 MKT 350 MKT 375 MKT 376
It is recommended that International Business students take two of the following courses as their non-business electives:
IS 100 GEO 114 GEO 312
Proficiency in a Second Language
International Business students are required to demonstrate introductory-level proficiency in a second language by passing a foreign language proficiency examination as administered by the University of South Alabama Department of Foreign Languages and Literature or by successfully completing the second semester of any approved elementary sequence in a foreign language.
Real Estate Concentration
Real Estate students and career professionals are involved with specialties such as property management, valuation, financing, and underwriting, development and construction, law, and residential and commercial sales. The body-of-knowledge is excellent preparation to enter the profession directly or to enter graduate school. The material taught provides a valuable program for students who desire knowledge on parts of the typical market transaction as supplemental information to their major.
The following courses are required:
MKT 345 MKT 348 MKT 445 MKT 448
Choose one course from the following:
FIN 343 FIN 345 FIN 420 MGT 345
Real Estate students are advised to enroll in the MKT 494 Directed study course as their business elective.

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