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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


AED 301 Art for Young Children 3 cr
Exploration of knowledge and skills in the arts appropriate for young children. Art techniques and media are explored.
AED 440 Arts for Learning 3 cr
Using the arts to promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
AED 501 Trends and Practices in Teaching Art in
the Elementary School
3 cr
Orients the student toward the artistic interests and creative abilities of children in the elementary school, and developing attitudes of respect for individuality and creativity. Included are laboratory experiences with art materials and research into appropriate techniques of teaching art.
AED 502 Trends and Practices in Teaching Art in
Secondary School
3 cr
Current trends and practices in curriculum, instruction, selection of materials, and derivation of procedures for guiding learning in art in the secondary school.
AED 540 Art in the P-12 Program 3 cr
Art and the intellectual, creative, and emotional growth of children. The role of art in the instructional program, examination of objectives in an art program, and the study of appropriate techniques and materials for teaching art and crafts at the elementary level. Restricted to N-12 art majors. Pre-requisites: SED 555, SED 559, EPY 525.
AED 560 Graduate Research Seminar 3 cr
Research in problems confronting American education. Selected topics are explored by students which provide the basis for seminar discussions. A seminar paper is presented by each student. This course also includes a field-based practicum. Pre-requisite: Permission of department chair.
AED 590 Special Topics 3 cr
Current topics of special concern to secondary educators. A different topic will be used each time the course is offered. No more than six semester hours can be applied toward a graduate degree. Pre-requisite: Permission of department chair.
AED 594 Directed Study and Research 1, 3 cr
Students explore through directed study problems and issues of special interest or significance in Art Education. Not more than three semester hours of any departmental 594 courses can be accepted toward a degree program. Pre-requisite: Permission of the department chair.
AED 595 Internship 3-6 cr
The internship is a supervised learning experience in a work setting similar to that in which the educator will eventually be employed. The internship provides the students with an opportunity to apply the theories and concepts learned during the graduate program of study.

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