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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


HPE 500 Administration and Health and Physical Education 3 cr
A study of the principles, techniques, and methods used in administration and supervision of health and physical education in schools and colleges.
HPE 505 Critical Reading and Writing in Content Field 3 cr
Discussion of critical issues and outstanding research in the fields of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies, with opportunity for class interaction and critical examination of ideas.
HPE 506 The Physical Education Curriculum 3 cr
An overview of the physical education curriculum, its foundations, critical issues, and modern trends. It explores curriculum content areas of scheduling, administration, teaching methods, and various standards and procedures for evaluation.
HPE 516 Physiology of Exercise 3 cr
Advanced study of the theories, current research and underlying principles of the physiological responses and adaptations of the human body to exercise and training.
HPE 521 Motor Learning 3 cr
Theories and applications of the foundations of learning motor skills are presented.
HPE 530 Seminar in Health and Physical Education 3 cr
Professional growth through in-depth experiences in the presentation of problems and formal papers, with emphasis on guided discussions and research criticism.
HPE 540 Administrative Issues in Exercise Science 3 cr
This course examines the planning and administration of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and preventive health promotion/fitness programs .
HPE 550 Perceptual and Motor Development in Children 3 cr
Designed to give the classroom teacher, special educator, and physical educator a background in perceptual-motor development and training in infants and children.
HPE 570 Stress Testing and Exercise Prescription 3 cr
The development of competencies necessary to administer graded exercise tests and prescribe appropriate exercise programs for various populations based upon clinical observations and physiological data.
HPE 571 Exercise Management of Chronic Diseases and
3 cr
This course is designed to provide a problem-oriented approach to exercise and testing and prescription/programming for special needs populations.
HPE 572 Application of Biomechanical Concepts   3 cr
An examination of the relationship of fundamental anatomical and mechanical principles of human movement as applied to sport performance, fitness, and injury prevention through observation of common activities.
HPE 574 Application Sport and Fitness Conditioning   3 cr
Advanced study of the scientific theory, principles, methods, and techniques in the development, implementation, and evaluation of carious strength and conditioning programs designed to enhance athletic performance.
HPE 579 Fitness Assessment-Exer Prescription   3 cr
Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription reviews the advanced principles of exercise testing and prescription for at risk and health adult populations including health appraisal, risk assessment, and interpretation of data. Assessment results are utilized in designing training programs and recommending lifestyle changes for enhancing health, fitness and performance. The ACSM Exercise Guidelines are emphasized.
HPE 594

Directed Study and Research

3 cr
Students explore, through directed study and research, problems and issues of special interest or significance in Health and Physical Education. Not more than three semester hours of any departmental 594 courses can be accepted toward a degree program. HPELS advisor approval required.
HPE 595 Internship in Health and Physical Education 3-9 cr
A supervised learning experience in a health and physical education work setting. Provides the students with an opportunity to apply the theories and concepts learned during the graduate program. Not more than nine semester hours may be taken. HPELS advisor approval required.
HPE 599 Thesis 1-9 cr
A student selects a project, study, or investigation in Health or Physical Education. Such project forms the basis for the thesis. A Thesis Committee will give guidance during the investigation and during the writing of the thesis. HPELS advisor approval required.
HPE 601 Biomechanical Foundations 3 cr
  in Human Movement  
Teachers develop competence in applying basic laws of physics and cinematographical techniques to the analyses of human motion.
HPE 603 Advanced Movement and Evaluation in HPE 3 cr
Measurement and evaluation in the areas of strength, body composition, flexibility, endurance, general motor capacity, perceptual motor-functions, and anthropometrics.
HPE 694 Directed Study and Research 3 cr
Through directed study and research, problems and issues of special interest or significance in health and physical education are explored. Not more than three semester hours of any departmental 694 courses can be accepted toward a degree program.
HPE 699 Research Project 3 cr
A supervised research project or investigation in instructional development. The student will conduct an investigation, apply concepts and skills learned during the Sixth-Year Program. May be taken more than one semester; total cannot exceed six semester hours.

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