University Bulletin 2016-17

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College Course Credit Received by Testing or Other Sources

English Composition I Exemption:

Students who score a minimum ACT English score of 27 or SAT verbal score of 610 will be exempt from taking English 101. Official scores should be mailed to the Office of Admissions for exemption to be granted.

Credit by Examination:

A student may receive credit for a course by passing a locally prepared examination and by paying appropriate fees. (See "Credit by Examination".)

Military Service/ROTC Credit:

A student may receive Military Science or Aerospace Science placement credit for prior military service or Junior ROTC training. Contact the Department of Military Science or the Department of Aerospace Studies for details.

The Prior Learning Assessment Center:

The Prior Learning Assessment Center, housed in the Interdisciplinary Studies department, will serve as a central location where potential and enrolled USA students can obtain information and advising on the assessment options available for earning USA credit for prior learning. The center will also be the primary academic unit responsible for the coordination and administration of prior learning assessment by portfolio.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit:

Students participating in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) will be granted University credit as indicated below.

AP Course USA Course Score Credit Hours
Studio Art: 2-D Design  ARS Elective 3 3 hrs
Studio Art: 3-D Design ARS Elective 3 3 hrs
Studio Art-Drawing ARS Elective 3 3 hrs
Art History ARH 100 3 hrs
Biology BLY 121/121L & BLY 122/122L 3 8 hrs
Chemistry CH 131/131L 4 4 hrs
Chemistry CH 131/131L & CH 132/132L 5 8 hrs
Microeconomics ECO 215 3 3 hrs
Macroeconomics ECO 216 3 3 hrs
Language & Composition EH 101 4 3 hrs
Human Geography GEO 114 3 3 hrs
American Gov't PSC 130 4 3 hrs
Comparative Gov't PSC 250 4 3 hrs
US History HY 135/136 3 6 hrs
European History HY 101/102 3 6 hrs
Calculus AB MA 125 3 4 hrs
Calculus BC MA 126 3 4 hrs
Statistics ST 210 3 3 hrs
Music Theory MUT Elective 3 3 hrs
Music Listening & Lit MUL Elective 3 3 hrs
Physics B PH 114/114L 4 5 hrs
Physics B PH 114/114L & PH 115/115L 5 10 hrs
Physics C Mechanics PH 201/201L 4 4 hrs
Physics C Electricity & Magnetism PH 202/202L 4 4 hrs
Computer Science Principles CS 108 3 3 hrs
Computer Science A CSC 120 4 4 hrs
Psychology PSY 120 3 3 hrs
Foreign Language AP is reviewed by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature.  

International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

Students participating in the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) will be granted credit by the University of South Alabama to those who have achieved a score of "5" or higher on the International Baccalaureate Program examinations. Individual academic disciplines will determine if a higher score is required in a particular course(s). IB Credit with a grade of at least "5" will be awarded as follows:

IB Discipline* IB Exam
USA Credit
Social Anthropology  5 AN 100 (3 Semester Hours) 
Biology 5 BLY 101 and BLY 102, or BLY 121 and BLY 122 (8 Semester Hours) 
(Standard Level) 
5 CH 101 (4 Semester Hours) 
(Higher Level)
5 CH 131, CH 131L, CH 132, and CH 132L (8 Semester Hours) 
Computer Science 5 Credit determined by the School of Computing 
Drama 5 DRA 110 (3 Semester Hours) 
Economics 5 ECO 300 (3 Semester Hours) 
English 5 If student completes IB degree: EH 101 and EH 102 (6 Semester Hours)
If student fails to complete IB degree: EH 101 (3 Semester Hours)
Foreign Languages  5 6 Semester Hours of credit in corresponding Freshman Language Sequence:
French: LG 111 and LG 112
German: LG 151 and LG 152
Latin: LG 101 and LG 102
Russian: LG 171 and LG 172
Spanish: LG 131 and LG 132
Chinese: LGS 121 and LGS 122
Arabic: LGS 106 and LGS 107
Modern Greek: LGS 141 and LGS 142
Japanese: LGS 101 and LGS 102 
Geography 5 GEO 114 and GEO 115 (6 Semester Hours) 
(Higher Level only) 
5 HY 102 (3 Semester Hours)
Information Technology in a 
Global Society (Standard Level) 
5 Accept credit for CIS 110 or CIS 150 according to major. 
(3 Semester Hours Credit)
(Standard Level)
5 MA 115 (4 Semester Hours) 
(Standard Level) 
6-7 MA 115 and MA 125 (8 Semester Hours) 
(Higher Level)
5 MA 125 and ST 210 (7 Semester Hours) 
(Higher Level)
6-7 MA 125 and MA 126 (8 Semester Hours) 
Music 5 MUL 235 (2 Semester Hours) 
Music 6-7 MUL 235 (2 Semester Hours) and will be considered for additional credit in MUL 236 (2 Semester Hours). Students scoring 6 or 7 on this IB exam should contact Department Chair to request credit for MUL 236. 
Philosophy 5 PHL 110 (3 Semester Hours) 
Physics 5 PH 104 (4 semester Hours) 
Psychology 5 PSY 120 (3 Semester Hours)

* All exams Standard Level unless indicated otherwise. 

Alabama School Of Mathematics And Science
And Alabama School Of Fine Arts

Students who are graduates of the Alabama School of Math and Science (ASMS) and Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) that matriculate at the University of South Alabama will be granted University credit as indicated below. 

ASMS/ASFA Course USA Equivalent Semester
Subject: Studio Art      
Art Foundation ARS 123   2-D Design 3 Grade of B or higher
  ARS 124   3-D Design 3  
Drawing ARS 121   Perceptual Drawing 1 3 Grade of B or higher
Subject:  Art History      
AP/Honors Art History ARH 103   Art History I  Grade of B or higher 
  ARH 123   Art History II   
Subject:  Computer Science      
Computer Science Principles II (ASFA) CSC 108  Intro to Computer Science 3 Grade of B or higher
CSC 311 (ASMS) AP Computer Science (ASFA) CSC 120  Intro to Problem Solving & Programming 4 Grade of B or higher
Subject: Music Theory      
Basic and Intermediate Theory and  MUT 112   Basic Music Theory 1  3 Grade of B or higher 
Aural Awareness (Basic and Intermediate) and    Grade of B or higher 
Sightsinging (Basic and Intermediate)    Grade of B or higher 
Advanced and AP Theory and MUT 113   Basic Music Theory II 3 Grade of B or higher
Aural Awareness (Advanced) and   3 Grade of B or higher
Sightsinging (Advanced)   3 Grade of B or higher
Subject: Biology      
AP Biology BLY 121   General Biology I and 3 Grade of B or higher
  BLY 121L   General Biology Lab 1  
AP Biology BLY 122   General Biology II and 3 Grade of B or higher
  BLY 122L   General Biology Lab 1  
Subject: Theater      
TH 151  Theatre Arts and
TH 152  Theatre Arts II and
DRA110   Introduction to Drama 3 Grade of B or higher in all trimesters
TH 153  Theatre Production
on Theatre Arts II
Acting/Directing III DRA 120   Acting I 3 Grade of B or higher
Design Technology III DRA 130   Stagecraft 3 Grade of B or higher
Design Technology III DRA 132   Costume Fundamentals 3 Grade of B or higher
Subject: English      
AP Senior English
(British Literature)
EH 215 or EH 216
Survey of British Literature I or II
3 Grade of B or higher
Subject: Math/Stat      
MA 201   Differential Calculus and MA 125
MA 125   Calculus I
4 Grade of B or higher
MA 202   Integral Calculus      
MA 203 BC   Calculus  MA 126   Calculus II 4 Grade of B or higher
MA 402   Linear Algebra MA 237   Linear Algebra I 3 Grade of B or higher
MA 205   Statistics T 210   Statistical Reasoning and
3 Grade of B or higher
Subject: Chemistry      
AP Chemistry CH 131   General Chemistry I 3 Grade of B or higher
  CH 131L   General Chemistry I Lab 1  
Subject: Physics      
AP Physics B1-111 PH 114   Physics with
Algebra/Trigonometry II and PH 115L
Physics with Algebra/Trigonometry II Lab
5 Grade of A in all trimesters
  PH 115 Physics with
Algebra/Trigonometry I and PH 114L Physics with Algebra/Trigonometry I Lab
AP Physics C1-111 PH 201   Calculus-based Physics I and
PH 201L  Calculus-based Physics I Lab
4 Grade of A in all trimesters
  PH 202   Calculus-based Physic II and
PH 202L Calculus-based Physics II Lab
Subject: History      
AP US History Hy 135 United States History to 1877 3 Grade of B or higher
Subject: Foreign Languages and Literatures    
German 501 and
German 502 and
German 503
LG 151   Introductory German I and 3 Grade of B or higher in all trimesters
  LG 152   Introductory German II 3  
Spanish 401 and
Spanish 402 and
Spanish 403
LG 131   Introductory Spanish I and 3 Grade of B or higher in all trimesters
  LG 132   Introductory Spanish II 3  
French 401 and
French 402 and
French 403
LG 111   Introductory French I and 3 Grade of B or higher in all trimesters
  LG 112   Introductory French II 3  


A student can receive up to 30 semester hours of credit from the General Examinations and certain Subject Examinations of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) as shown below. Official CLEP scores mailed directly from the CLEP division of the Educational Testing Service are required before credit will be awarded.

CLEP Exam USA Credit Awarded Hours Awarded CLEP Score Required
American Government
PSC 130
3 hrs 50
General Biology
BLY 121/BLY 122
8 hrs 50
MA 125/MA 126
8 hrs 50
MA 115
4 hrs 50
General Chemistry
CH 131/CH 132
8 hrs 50
Into to Psychology
PSY 120
3 hrs 50
Intro to Accounting
ACC 211
3 hrs 50
Intro to Business Law
BUS 265
3 hrs 50
Intro to Macroeconomics
ECO 216
3 hrs 50
Intro to Microeconomics
ECO 215
3 hrs 50
Intro to Marketing
MKT 320
3 hrs 50
Intro to Sociology
SY 109
3 hrs 50
Human Growth and Development
PSY 250
3 hrs 50
U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877
HY 135
3 hrs 50
US History II: 1865 to Present
HY 136
3 hrs 50
Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near East to 1648
HY 101
3 hrs 50
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present
HY 102
3 hrs 50
College Composition
EH 101/EH 102
6 hrs 50
American Literature with Essay
EH 225 and EH 226
6 hrs 50
English Literature with Essay
EH 215 and EH 216
6 hrs 50
Fine Arts and Lit Elect
6 hrs 50
College Mathematics
Math Electives
8 hrs 50
Natural Sciences-General
Bio & Nat Science Elect
8 hrs 50
Social Science & History
Soc Science & Hist Elect
6 hrs 50

Computer Science and Foreign Language CLEP credit are awarded based on USA departmental recommendations. The University reserves the right to change the CLEP minimum scores and credit awarded based on recommendations by the College Board and University research.