University Bulletin 2017-2018

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Minor in Related Science

If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Related Sciences Minor

The Related Sciences minor offers two tracks: a Medical/Molecular Sciences track, and an Ecosystems Sciences track. Students must choose one track: consult with your Academic Advisor about the best choice for your major and career. The Medical/Molecular Science Track is designed for students seeking to enhance their preparation in organic and biochemistry, such as pre-med students. The Ecosystems/Evolution Track emphasizes the study of terrestrial ecosystems.

Related Sciences Minor: Medical/Molecular Science Track
A student must take 22 semester hours as follows:
CH 131/131L  General Chemistry I
CH 132/132L  General Chemistry II
CH 201/201L  Organic Chemistry I
CH 202/202L  Organic Chemistry II
CH 440           Biochemistry I
CH 441           Biochemistry II
Related Sciences Minor: Ecosystems Sciences Track
A student must take GY 111/111L, GY 112/112L and four additional courses from
the following list (total: 20-23 semester hours)
GIT 460          Introduction GIT
GIT 461         GIT Applications II
GY 310          Environmental Earth Science
GY 420          Paleontology
GY 420          Geostatistics
GY 4421        Applied Environmental Geology - W
GY 425          Hydrology
GY 426          Contaminant Hydrology
GEO 410       Biogeography
ST 340          Design-Analysis of Experiments
ST 345          Sampling-Survey Techniques