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  Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services FAQ
  What is the Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services?
  The Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services is the community outreach arm of the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs. We offer non-credit professional development and personal enrichment opportunities for individuals of all ages.
  Educational offerings fall into five major program areas:
a. Road Scholar -- a nationally based program committed to providing high quality, educational opportunities to older adults at affordable prices
b. Odyssey USA -- a local membership program for mature learners, it serves as USA’s Institute for Learning in Retirement
c. Professional Development Programming - USA’s primary entity for providing professional development programs and workforce development activities to the business community
d. Special Courses - USA’s community based, non-credit evening short courses and certificate programs for adults
e. USA Camp Program - USA’s centralized facilitation of academic and athletic camps and programs for young people that use USA facilities and services
  Is academic credit awarded for non-credit programs?
  Although academic credit is not awarded for non-credit programs, many programs do award CEU’s. Continuing Education Units (CEU' s) are awarded for many courses. One CEU is equal to “ten contact hours of participating in any organized, continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.”
  Do I have to enroll at the University to take your courses?
  No. With the exception of Road Scholar, registration is handled through the Center’s registration and business offices. Registration for Road Scholar is handled through Road Scholar’s national office in Boston. For most programs, a person can register by telephone, FAX, in-person or on-line. Payment can be made by cash, check, MasterCard, VISA, or American Express.
  Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services
1504 Springhill Ave., Suite 2515
Mobile , AL 36604-3273

Tel: 251-405-9930
FAX: 251-405-9931

  Can I get a transcript?
  Yes. Upon student’s request, the Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services generates a Transcript of Non-Credit Courses. This transcript includes only courses taken through the Department. It does not include academic courses taken as part of a degree curriculum. There is $5.00 fee for transcripts.
  How can I find out more about these program areas?
  FAQ’s for each program area follow. Information about departmental staff, their areas of responsibility and contact information are listed.
  Road Scholar FAQ
  What is Road Scholar?
  An educational program offered by colleges, universities, museums and national parks throughout the United States and abroad. Road Scholar is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing high quality, educational opportunities to older adults at affordable prices. Domestic programs are typically one week long, international programs last for two or more weeks.
The University of South Alabama offers approximately 70 programs annually in Mobile, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fairhope, Dauphin Island and Biloxi, MS.
  What is the age for Road Scholar?
  Singles and couples age 55 and over are eligible to participate in Road Scholar programs.
  May I bring someone who is not age-eligible?
  Participants of any age may register for Road Scholar as long as they are a companion to an age eligible participant. Hostelers sometimes bring their children or younger companion.
  How much is tuition and what does it cover?
  Tuition varies with the program and number of program days. Tuition includes lodging, meals, all courses and program related field trips and activities.
  How do I find out more about Road Scholar and receive a catalog?
  Road Scholar staff in the national office will be glad to help you with any questions you might have. The office is open Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 9 PM Eastern Time. The toll free number is 877-426-8056. You may also visit the web site www.roadscholar.org. Public libraries also receive copies of the Road Scholar catalog. Learn more about University of South Alabama Road Scholar by calling 251-405-9929.
  Odyssey FAQ
  What is Odyssey USA?
  Odyssey USA is a membership program for mature learners administered through the Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services. It is affiliated with the Road Scholar Institute network and serves as the University’s Institute for Learning in Retirement.
  Who belongs?
  Members come from diverse backgrounds. There are no age or educational membership requirements. Members are drawn together by a love of education and a desire to learn.
  How does Odyssey work?
  Odyssey is managed by and Executive Board elected annually by the membership. The Board is comprised of officers and committee chairs. Through the committees, the curriculum and other activities are developed and coordinated by the membership.
  When and where are most classes and activities held?
  Odyssey classes meet on Friday afternoons between 1:30 and 4:00 PM. Most classes meet in the Humanities Building. Classes are organized in four, eight-week terms per year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. In addition to class offerings, Odyssey has monthly luncheon lectures and a variety of field trips.
  How much does Odyssey cost?
  Because it is a membership program, individuals pay an annual membership fee. Currently that fee is $110.00. The fee covers all classes. Members pay additional fees for the luncheon lectures and field trips.
  Professional Development FAQ
  Are Professional Development Programs approved for specific professional licensing?
  Each program, depending on its content and subject, can be submitted for approval by various state agencies or professional associations to meet licensing and continuing education requirements. Specifically, we offer courses which meet state and national requirements of professional engineers, accountants, nursing home administrators, and some mental health and geriatric professionals.
  Who are the customers for the Professional Development programs?
  The primary customer for these programs is the organization or firm looking for training and development opportunities for its employees. Our list of customers includes manufacturing and service organizations, large and small companies, as well as local and state government employees. Again, depending on the program content, there are also individuals who enroll in these programs to improve their knowledge and skills in given areas to maintain their present positions or in seeking career changes.
  What if a company has several employees who need training in a skill or body of knowledge?
  When a company has five or more employees who need training, it is usually more cost-effective to offer a program tailored to their needs and workplace issues. We provide proposals based on the company’s needs and work with the appropriate instructors or subject matter experts to deliver the training at their site or at our training facilities.
  How important is Information Technology in this program area?
  With the dynamic change in technology and the highly competitive nature of the Information Technology sector in the economy, this program area is now a major component of the Professional Development program area. Currently we offer Comptia A+ and N+ and Microsoft MCSA & MCSE training programs.
  Special Courses FAQ
  What is Special Courses?
  USA Special Courses offers non-credit courses, at very reasonable rates, to the Mobile community four times a year.
  Who can take Special Courses?
  Anyone 18 years or older can attend Special Courses.
  Why would I take a “Special Courses” class?
  People take Special Courses for a wide variety of reasons…to have fun, to learn something new and to meet people.
  What kinds of courses are offered?
  A diverse selection of classes is offered each term for professional development and for personal enrichment. Most classes meet once a week in the evening for a couple of hours.
  Where do the courses meet?
  The majority of classes meet at the University’s main campus in west Mobile. However, computer and golf courses are held at the University’s Brookley Campus. Other courses requiring special space needs, meet at various locations throughout the Mobile area.
  How and when can I register for a Special Course?
  Special Courses registration is continuous, which means you may register for any course up until the day it begins, as long as it has not been filled. Registrations are accepted on a first- come, first-served basis. Many courses have limited enrollment and fill quickly. There are five ways to register:
Phone-in: (251) 405-9930
FAX: (251) 405-9931
Mail-in: Department of Conference Activities & Special Courses
University of South Alabama
1504 Springhill Ave., Suite 2515
Mobile , AL 36604-3273

Register in person at one of the following locations:
Department of Conference Activities & Special Courses
University of South Alabama
1504 Springhill Ave., Suite 2515
Mobile , AL 36604-3273
School of Continuing Education
University of South Alabama
Alpha Hall East, USA Main campus, Room 101
Mobile, AL 36688

On-line: www.southalabama.edu/specialcourses/
  Are all Special Courses non-credit?
  Does Special Courses have any non-credit certificate programs I may participate in?
  Special Courses offers six certificate programs and four on-line certificate programs. Excellent educational alternatives, these non-degree programs take an average of two years to complete, provide hands-on “real world” applications, and are taught by practicing professionals in their respective fields.
Visit: www.southalabama.edu/specialcourses/
  How do I get a schedule of Special Courses?
  Call 251-405-9930 to have one mailed to you.
To view the schedule on-line, visit www.southalabama.edu/specialcourses/
  USA Summer Courses for Kids FAQ
  What types of courses for kids are offered at USA each summer?
  Are you offering any courses that will extend throughout the summer?
  No, our kids' courses run a maximum of one week, but some offer different sessions. You may register for as many sessions as you like.
  Suitcase Studies FAQ
  What is Suitcase Studies?
  A University of South Alabama educational tour program.
  Are the trips open to USA students only?
  No, our trips are open to anyone with an interest in traveling and learning.
  Department of Conference Activities & Special Courses
University of South Alabama
1504 Springhill Ave., Suite 2515
Mobile , AL 36604-3273

Phone: (251) 405-9930
FAX: (251) 405-9931


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