Advising Center Mission

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College of Education and Professional Studies Advising Center Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Education and Professional Studies' Advising Center is to provide quality academic advising services, to be the students’ connection to our university, to empower students to become self-directed learners and responsible decision-makers, and to nurture lifelong learning.

We value:

  • Providing students with the tools they need to be successful.
    • We will offer our students guidance, support, encouragement, and direction.
    • We will give our students planning tools along with necessary, up-to-date information.


  • Connecting prospective and current students to the University of South Alabama and the College of Education and Professional Studies.
    • We will serve as a link to the resources, tools, and opportunities available to students.
    • We will employ effective methods that will assist in the retention of current students as well as the recruitment of new students.


  • Empowering students to realize their life goals and objectives as students and future educators.
    • We will encourage students to take ownership of their advising experience.
    • We will foster independence and self-confidence in our students so that they may reach their full potential in life.


  • Nurturing students’ growth as professionals.
    • We will instill a sense of responsibility in our students to continue their educational endeavors in pursuit of lifelong learning.
    • We will promote pride in the student’s chosen profession.