How To Enter

To enter the 2017 Causeway Pitch Competition, simply make a standard sized poster (24" X 36") containing a ‘pitch’ for your idea and turn it in to the Mitchell College of Business, Room 118 before 5:00 PM on October 18th. Put your name, email, phone number, and college affiliation (liberal arts, business, school of computing, etc.) on the back.

1. Decide on a product, service, or business you want to pitch. This should be something you create. You CAN pitch a restaurant, you CAN NOT pitch a McDonald's. You CAN pitch a charitable project. You CAN NOT pitch The United Way.

2. Present your idea in the best light. Important things to get across are: 

  • What problem you’re solving
  • How you’re going to solve it (What product, service, or action you’re providing)
  • Why you think this will work
  • How much money you think you’ll make, or some measure of the good you’ll do

***A video explaining how to write a winning elevator pitch, along with the 5 P's of presentation and the 9 C's of presentation can be found here.***

3. Neatness counts. Your poster will not be judged on its artistic merits, but if your poster is illegible or jumbled it is less likely to score well.

 ***If you are concerned about someone stealing part or all of your idea do not put anything on the poster that will give away your secret. If you are selected for the finals, the people who hear your idea in greater detail will sign a non disclosure agreement.***

Please Note:

  • Finalist will be announced October 25 & Finals will be October 27. We strongly advise you to prepare your pitch in advance to give yourself adequate time and practice.
  • Your poster will be on display in public for several days.
  • Rules can be found here. Judging rubric can also be found on the rules page.