USA Double Reed Day 2016

USA Double Reed Day


Saturday, February 13th, 2016
Laidlaw Performing Arts Center

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We are excited to present our sixth annual Double Reed Day here at the University of South Alabama! This year we have invited two guest artists: James Brody and Darrel Hale. James Brody is not only a renowned oboist but is also a certified teacher of Alexander Technique and the founder of the Wellness Program at the University of Colorado; we are very happy to be able to offer his expertise at this year's Double Reed Day, as he provides information to help prevent injury, reduce tension, and promote overall health and wellness in performance. Event participants will be able to work directly with Brody in this regard, and he will also lead the oboe master class. Hale will give the bassoon master class, and he and the event host, Dr. Rebecca Mindock, will also give reed making workshops and a recital. There will be opportunities for all participants to make reeds, play double reed chamber music together, and get the opportunity to meet and work with other double reed players throughout the Gulf Coast region. It's a great chance to get to spend time with other oboists and bassoonists (since we are so often few and far between), to learn from each other, commiserate about our reeds, and to further enrich and strengthen our skills and our musicianship. All ages and ability levels are welcome to attend!

James Brody

James Brody,
Guest Artist

Dr. Darrel Hale

Darrel Hale,
Guest Artist

Dr. Rebecca Mindock

Rebecca Mindock,
Event Host 


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