Department of Music Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Area Categories Index
Arakawa, Jasmin Piano, Piano Ensembles, Accompanying Keyboard, Instrumental Ensembles A
Bemis, Jennifer Hight Class Piano Keyboard B
Bohnet, Andra Flute, Harp, Winds/Strings/Percussion Area Coordinator, Music Business Coordinator, Music Literature, Flute Choir Woodwinds, Strings, Music Business, Music Literature, Instrumental Ensembles B
Bohnet, Keith Events Coordinator, Introduction to Music Administration, Music Literature B
Chiang, André Voice, Vocal Diction Voice C
Doyle, Peggy Department Secretary Administration D
Durant, David Music Theory Area Coordinator, Recording Technology, Composition Music Theory, Composition D
Franklin, Kip Clarinet, Clarinet Choir, Music Theory Woodwinds, Music Theory, Instrumental Ensembles F
Freeland, Jessica Arts in Education Program Coordinator Music Education F
Fresne, Jeannette Arts in Education Director, Graduate Program Director, Elementary/General Music Specialist Music Education, Administration F
Greenwood, Matt Percussion, Introduction to Music Percussion, Music Literature G
Gruner, Greg Department Chair, Trombone, Instrumental Conducting Administration, Brass, Conducting G
Habib, Mark  Guitar, Introduction to Music Strings, Music Literature H
Harris, Allison Ensemble Secretary Administration H
Heavner, Tracy Saxophone, Music Education Area Coordinator, Jazz Ensemble Woodwinds, Music Education, Instrumental Ensembles H
Hollyer, Taylor Double Bass Strings H
Holm, Robert Piano, Keyboard Literature, Keyboard Area Coordinator Keyboard H
Imsand, Patrick Guitar, Guitar Ensemble Strings, Music Literature, Instrumental Ensembles I
Jones, Travis Music Theory, Introduction to Music Music Theory, Music Literature J
Leska, Gosia Violin, Viola Strings L
Mindock, Rebecca Oboe, Bassoon, Music Literature Area Coordinator, Woodwind Ensembles Woodwinds, Music Literature, Instrumental Ensembles M
Moore, Laura Director of Choral Activities, Music History, Choral Conducting Voice, Vocal Ensembles, Conducting, Music Literature M
Petersen, Will Director of Bands, Director of Athletic Bands, Tuba, Euphonium, Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble Instrumental Ensembles, Brass P
Rinehart, Jason Associate Director of Bands, Associate Director of Athletic Bands, Music Education, Instrumental Conducting Instrumental Ensembles, Music Education, Conducting, Brass R
Rivera, Luis Director of Percussion Studies, Percussion Ensemble Percussion, Instrumental Ensembles R
Rowell, Thomas Voice Area Coordinator, Opera Theatre, Vocal/Opera Literature Voice, Vocal Ensembles R
Seebacher, Robert University Orchestra, String Ensemble, Introduction to Music Instrumental Ensembles, Music Literature S
Sheets, Randall Organ Keyboard S
Sunderland, José Cello Strings S
Sylvester, Joyce Voice Voice S
VandeWaa, Arie Music Theory, Introduction to Music Music Theory, Music Literature V
Wood, Jodi Graham Horn, Horn Ensemble, Introduction to Music Brass, Music Literature W
Wood, Peter Trumpet, Brass Ensembles, Trumpet Ensemble, Brass Literature Brass, Instrumental Ensembles W
Zoghby, Linda Voice Voice Z