University Writing Committee

2017-2018 Academic Year
Appointed: August 2017

Official Charge


Franklin Ard, University Writing Center (Co-Chair)

Patrick Shaw, Department of English (Co-Chair)


Jim Aucoin, Department of Communications

Larry Beason, Department of English

Chonda Butler, Department of Nursing

Audi Byrne, Department of Mathematics

Philip Carr, Department of Anthropology

Patrick Cesarini, Department of English

John Cleary, Department of Civil Engineering

Catherine Cooper, Department of Radiologic Sciences

Jeannette Fresne, Department of Music

Scott Glaberman, Department of Biology

Marsha Hamilton, Department of History

Ellen Harrington, Department of English

Jeanne Maes, Department of Management

Cecelia Martin, Institutional Effectiveness

Elizabeth Shepard, University Library

Bob Sweeney, Department of Information Systems and Technology

Karyn Tunks, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education