General Education/Core Curriculum

All University of South Alabama students, whether they start as freshmen or transfer students, must fulfill general education/core curriculum requirements, as mandated by the State Legislature.

Specific degree programs and college requirements may exceed any or all of the minimum general education requirements listed below. Since specific course requirements in general education/core curriculum vary from major to major, students must select these courses carefully by referring to the programs/degrees section of the USA Bulletin.

Transfer Students from Alabama Community Colleges should follow the specific major/degree information in the STARS guides with the accompanying Area V links to USA programs. Transfer students from Pensacola State College and NorthWest Florida State College in Florida, or the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Colleges (Jackson County, Jefferson Davis, and Perkinston) should follow the specific major/degree guides developed for them.

Area I
Written Composition (Six semester hours)
Six semester hours in written composition
Area II
Humanities and Fine Arts (Twelve semester hours) 
Three semester hours required in Literature
Three semester hours required in the Arts
The remaining hours can be taken from the following: Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech, Foreign Language, Art, Music, Theatre
(Students must complete a six hour sequence in either Literature or History and must complete one course that demonstrates competency in oral communication.)
Area III

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Eleven semester hours)
Three semester hours in Math at the pre-calculus algebra level or finite mathematics level
Eight semester hours in the natural sciences which must include laboratory experience. These sciences can be taken from the following: Biological Anthropology, Geography, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics

Area IV

History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (Twelve semester hours)
Three semester hours required in History
Nine semester hours required from among the following disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, & Sociology
(Students must complete a six hour sequence in either History or Literature.)

Area V

Pre Professional, Major,or Elective Courses (Nineteen to twenty-three semester hours)
These are courses that are specific to each major


 This general education/core curriculum will give students an excellent foundation on which to build their college education. General Education classes are essential to having a well rounded education that will prepare students for an ever changing market place. If you would like more information on the general education/core curriculum here at USA, refer to the USA Bulletin.