Joshua Missouri
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Joshua Missouri

About Me

Originally from Tuscaloosa, I enlisted in the United States Navy from 2001 to 2006 serving as an Aviation Electronics Technician. Over the course of five years, I visited several countries and gained an appreciation for new experiences, people, places, cultures and food. When I began transitioning to civilian life, I wanted to relocate to a place to grow, pursue my education and start my career. Mobile, Alabama and the University of South Alabama was the perfect match for me. 


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Justice
University of South Alabama

My Favorite

Thing to do on campus

I love the Glen Sebastian Nature trail, the South Alabama Mountain Bike Trails, the weight room at the Recreation Center and really just being a part of an outstanding academic community.

USA Traditions

 Junk the Jungle

Thing about USA

Working to make a positive difference in the lives of students and to make a global impact with the University.

Place to eat in Mobile

As a backyard BBQ enthusiast, the wings at Moe’s Original BBQ are my favorite!


I love all kinds of music, but I prefer lyrics that provoke thought and carry meaning for years to come. However, there’s nothing wrong with a catchy beat every now and then. 


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