Express Scripts Home Delivery

▼   What is the Express Scripts Pharmacy SM Home Delivery service?
The Express Scripts Pharmacy Home Delivery is a home delivery service available as part of your USA Health & Dental Plan prescription drug plan. With Express Scripts Home Delivery, you will save when you fill your long-term prescriptions for up to a 90 day supply.
▼   How can I start using the Express Scripts Pharmacy Home Delivery service?

To get started using the Express Scripts Pharmacy for medications you take on an ongoing basis, ask your doctor to write a prescription for up to a 90 day supply, plus refills for up to 1 year (as appropriate). To fill the prescription, you may:

  • Mail your prescription(s) along with the required copayment in the
    envelope provided with your Welcome Package.
  • Call Express Scripts toll-free at 855-687-3857. You will need to have your
    prescription number handy when you call.
  • Order through the Express Scripts website after registering at
▼   Is there an additional charge for shipping and handling with Home Delivery?
Medications are shipped via standard service at no cost to you. Express shipping is also available for an additional fee.
▼   How soon will I receive my Home Delivery prescription, and how can I check the status of my order?
Orders are usually processed and mailed within 48 hours of receipt. Please allow 8 days from the day you mail in your prescription. You can check on the status of your order by logging on to Or you can call Customer Service and use the automated system. If you are a first-time visitor to the website, take a moment to register. Have your member ID number handy.
▼   How do I pay for my Home Delivery prescriptions?
You can pay by check, e-check (see below for additional information), money order or credit card. If you prefer to use a credit card, you have the option of joining Express Scripts’ automatic payment program by calling 1-800-948-8779 or by enrolling online. If you currently use a credit card for your Home Delivery prescriptions, you will need to contact Express Scripts with your credit card information, as this information cannot be transferred.

E-check is another term for electronic fund transfer. When you pay for Home Delivery prescriptions with e-check, your copayments are conveniently deducted from your checking account. There is a 10-day grace period between the time your order is sent and when the amount is deducted from the assigned checking account. (The amount that is being deducted will be included in the prescription information that accompanies your order.)