Express Scripts General Information, Savings Programs and Privacy

▼   What is the Express Scripts Customer Service phone number and what are the hours of operation?
Express Scripts Customer Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can be reached at 855-687-3857.
▼   Will there be new member ID cards?
You will receive your new member ID card in your welcome package. Please note that the member ID card will cover all your dependents. (Separate ID cards for dependents will not be issued.)

Please show your new member ID card to your pharmacist when filling a prescription for yourself or a covered family member. You will also be able to access your member ID card anytime from your Smartphone if you download the Express Scripts Mobile App.

Also, a convenient feature on allows you to print a temporary prescription ID card for use at a participating retail pharmacy. The temporary card is not intended to replace your retail prescription card. If you need to order a permanent replacement card, please contact Customer Service toll-free at 855-687-3857 or go to and register.
▼   What if I do not receive my member ID card?
If you have not received your Express Scripts member ID card by within 30 days of enrollment, request a new card by calling Customer Service at 855-687- 3857. You can also visit to print a temporary prescription card. You can use your temporary member ID card until you receive your permanent card. Also, if you download the Express Scripts Mobile App to your Smartphone, you will be able to access your Express Scripts ID card anytime.
▼   Are there any other Savings Programs available for me?
Yes. USA Health & Dental Plan has a special plan available for diabetes patients. The plan allows members who purchase their diabetes medication and supplies such as lancets, syringes and swabs on the same day to pay the applicable copay for their medication and have the copay waived on the diabetic supplies.

USA Health & Dental Plan also provides a vaccine program which allows members to obtain their influenza and many other adult vaccinations at no charge at participating pharmacies.
▼   Who has access to my prescription information?
Express Scripts has a strong commitment to your privacy. Express Scripts has established effective administrative and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your prescriptions and other information and to secure this information from unauthorized or improper access, disclosure or use. In addition, Express Scripts does not sell individually identifiable information nor lists of members and their covered dependents to outside companies for solicitation or marketing purposes.