Motion to Alter the Name and Charge of the
 Research and Creative Activities Committee


Whereas, the Faculty have a key interest and responsibility in the development, support and growth of graduate programs at the University; and

Whereas, one of the institutional priorities is “to enhance graduate education as well as research and scholarly activity”; and

Whereas, research and creative activities are an integral part of graduate education; therefore

Resolved, The Faculty Senate authorizes the addition of “Graduate Education” to the name of the Research and Creative Activities Committee and the alteration of its charge and description as given below:


Research, Creative Activities and Graduate Education Committee: This Committee shall support the research mission of the University by collaborating with the Vice President of the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED). The committee engages in activities to facilitate research including exploring faculty research support, and promoting and reviewing ORED programs.  Additionally, the committee will collaborate with the Dean of the Graduate School in developing and strengthening graduate programs.