Uncorrected Minutes

University of South Alabama Faculty Senate

May 20, 1992

Present: Abee, Agapos, Aksel, Ashley, Ayling, Bjork, Blauer, C. Brown, I. Brown, Bush, Byrne, Carter, Cross, Finley, Fisher, Forbus, Gartman, Gaubatz, Goodman, Hale, Hamid, Hoff, Hood, Isphording, Jenkins, Kemp, LeDuc, Lloyd, Longenecker, Mankad, Moore, Morisani, Newman, Patten, Schehr, Springston, Strange, Tuck-Muller, Vinson, Winkler

Excused: Cole, Dempsey, Lane, Shaw (Daughenbaugh attended), Sikes, Wall

Unexcused: Bradley, Cavenaugh, deShazo, Dowling, Fishman, Green, Luterman, Ryder, Wilson, Zimmerman


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Larry Holmes, Chair. Dr. Holmes noted that newly elected senators can vote and that senators whose terms expire in 1992 are not eligible to vote, but encouraged their participation in any and all discussions.

Dr. Holmes announced that the proposed constitutional change failed.

Dr. Holmes announced the names of the newly elected senators.

The rules were suspended to place the election of officers after the old business.



The minutes of the April 15, 1992, meeting were approved with one correction in attendance and a correction of the first paragraph under NEW BUSINESS to read:

Dr. Schehr reported that he has heard from several sources that some members of university administration have said that the Board of Trustees' "acceptance" of the Enarson Report was just a physical acceptance of the report and, therefore, the Board's "acceptance" did not mean that the Report would be implemented as received.

A resolution on the Library was printed in the agenda (attached). A motion was made to accept the resolution, during the discussion a friendly amendment was accepted, and the motion passed.

The main University Library is essential to teaching and to research. The Senate appreciates the efforts by the central administration to increase funding of acquisitions in difficult fiscal times. Inflation above all in the price of journals, however, threatens a deterioration in the quality of the Library's holdings.

Be it therefore resolved that the central administration seek ways this year to retain last year's level of book purchases, that the central administration continue its efforts to increase the library's budget, and that the library administration proceed energetically toward achieving its stated goal of a 60-40 ratio between the purchase of periodicals and books. (SR91-17)

It was noted that this resolution addresses neither Biomedical Library nor Instructional Media Center needs.



Chair's Report

Dr. Holmes made a correction to the "Senate Positions on University Councils and Committees" section on the reverse of the agenda -- the Senate representative on the Intercollegiate Athletics committee is a voting member.

Information was provided on some resolutions adopted some time ago:

a. Larry Allen, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has asked the college's chairs to discuss with their faculty members a reassessment of the disbursement of merit pay in the college. Chairs are to report the results of these discussions at the next meeting of the chairs with the dean, May 28, 1992. Dean Allen will meet on this issue with the Arts and Sciences Caucus, May 26, 1992, at 4 p.m. in HUMB 308.

b. James Damico, Director of Libraries, reports that a list of journals provisionally designated for cancellation is being circulated to the faculty. It would eliminate about $50,000 from the periodicals budget. However, the library has just been informed that the purchase of its current list of periodicals next year will increase by about the same amount. Mr. Damico is aware that additional funding, new sources of funds, and slashing of journal subscriptions are necessary. The current ratio (about 85 to 15) between the purchase of periodicals and books cannot endure without devastating consequences on the general collection. It is not clear just how much has been saved and scraped from other sources for purchases of books this year beyond that which has already been designated.

c. Gerald Gattis, Manager, Faculty & Staff Benefits, responded to a resolution calling for an annual statement and summary indicating benefits, projections, and the like for each faculty member and a detailed package relating to options and benefits at retirement for each faculty member at the age of 57. Attached is Mr. Gattis' complete response.

d. A memorandum from Gordon Moulton, Chair, University Fringe Benefits Committee, regarding the provision of a dental plan and a revised fee structure for chronic therapy is attached.

e. A memorandum on the state of the implementation of the Enarson Report was mailed with the agenda.

f. At the Senate's April 15 meeting, Steve Sikes spoke of Senior Vice President Connell's apparent opposition to separating the positions of Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Research. After additional discussion, Dr. Schehr suggested the formation of an ad hoc committee to examine the issues raised by Dr. Sikes. This committee was appointed to consist of John Strange, Richard Vinsion, and Lloyd Patten. On April 17, Dr. Holmes met with Dr. Connell. Dr. Connell emphasized that in principle he was not opposed to a separate office for research. But he wanted first for the University community to articulate this institution's vision of research; define its various understandings across disciplines; and consider that the Office of Sponsored Programs, now under the Office of University Services and Planning, has many responsibilities, not all of which would usually be considered relevant to faculty research. Dr. Connell stressed that the door was open for the faculty individually and the Senate collectively to help articulate the university's vision and understanding of research and discuss the advisability of an independent office supporting it. On Wednesday, May 13, the ad hoc committee met to discus Dr. Sikes' memorandum of May 6 to all senators. It concluded that the memorandum contains no issues appropriate for Senate action.

The Chair's Final report was read and is attached.



Dr. Sakornbut's report on the University Fringe Benefits Committee is attached.


Policy and Handbook Committee

Dr. Gartman's report is attached.


Evaluation Committee

Dr. VanDevender summerized the 1992 Faculty Survey and announced that the full report would be reprinted and distributed to all the Deans. A copy will also be available in the Reserve Department of the University Library.


Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee

Dr. Schehr's report is attached.


Planning Committee

Dr. Moore's report is attached.


Election Committee

Dr. Evans reported that the new election procedures worked well, were perceived as open and fair and resulted in 370 faculty members voting. He said that the time schedule in the procedure needs to be followed to allow enough time for all the steps and that the senate needs to add a procedure for settling a tie vote.



The following individuals were elected for the offices indicated:

Chair: Richard Vinson (Arts and Sciences)
Vice-Chair: Chris Abee (Medicine)
Secretary: Bert Longenecker (Computer Sciences)

Committee Chairs
Fringe Benefits and Salaries: John Strange (Education)
Evaluation: Wayne Isphording (Arts and Sciences)
Planning: Blaine Moore (Medicine)
Policy and Handbook: Lloyd Patten (Arts and Sciences)

Joint Policy Committee: Caryl Lloyd (Arts and Sciences)



Performing Arts Center

After a status report by Dr. Harper, the following resolution was introduced by Dr. Strange, seconded and passed, with all but two voting yes.

Be it resolved that the Senate encourage the bidding of the Performing Arts Building in two ways - as a shell and as a complete building. The first bid would be used for construction. The second bid would be used to establish a more accurate estimate of actual cost.

Be it further resolved that the Senate encourages efforts to raise funds from private sources to enable the completing of the Performing Arts Building as soon as possible. (SR91-18)

The Senate asked Dr. Vinson to pursue the paper trail of the bond money appropriation for this project.


Environmental Concerns

After a report by Dr. Tsang (attached) the following resolution was introduced by Dr. Lloyd, seconded and passed with no opposition.

The Faculty Senate supports all feasible measures to preserve the Three Mile Creek wet lands located on the Campus. (SR91-19)


Resolution of Appreciation

Dr. Strange worded the follow resolution, which passes with no opposition.

Be it resolved that the Senate express its appreciation to Larry Holmes for the wise and dedicated leadership he has provided as Chair of the Senate during the 1991-1992 academic year and that the Senate extend its best wishes as he embarks on a period of intensive research, study and teaching in changing and exciting circumstances. (SR91-20)



After a few comments about the coming year, Dr. Vinson, newly elected chair, adjourned the meeting at 4:45 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Geneva L. Bush, Secretary