Faculty Senate 2007-08

University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
July 18, 2007
University Library, Rm.110

Approved Minutes

Present: Aliabadi, Amare, Aucoin, Baggett, Britt, Brown, Burnham, Carnahan, Crumb, Estis, Green, Haas,
Hamilton, Heins, Irion, Johnsten, Z. Khan, King, Kinniburgh, Lauderdale, Li, Morris, Prendergast, Prokhorov, Sachs, Santoli, Tate, Woodford, Tony Wright, Tootie Wright

Excused: Bru, Carter, Dardeau, Doran, Douglass, Engin, Falkos, Fresne, Loomis, Perez-Pineda, Pettyjohn,
Porter, Prescott, Robinson, Rowell, Shamburger, Simpson, Teplick, Vrettos

Unexcused:  Allison, I. Khan, Major, McNair, Phelan, Rego, Rivers, Sherman


1.  The meeting was called to order at 3:01 P.M. by Chair Tate.

A question was raised regarding the use of proxies for those excused from general caucus meetings. Chair Tate stated that this was possible as long as we post the minutes on the computer beforehand.

Lacking a quorum, the approval of the minutes was tabled and Chair Tate asked that we change the order of the agenda to allow our guest speaker to talk to the Senate. Meeting proceeded to agenda item 5: “Presentation by Shannon Shelley-Tremblay, Program Manager of the USA Youth Violence Prevention Program.”

After the presentation and having achieved a quorum at 3:13, Chair Tate returned to agenda
item 2: “Approval of Minutes.”

2.  Approval of Minutes: June.

3.  Chair’s Report (written report online). Chair Tate summarized points from the written report:

○ Executive Committee (EC) met
-Promotion & Tenure (P&T) issues were discussed.  It was noted that faculty do not receive feedback as to why s/he did not get promotion nor tenure.
-Chair Tate wants to have some Town Meetings. Possible topics were discussed.  She wants to provide an avenue for faculty to come and talk directly with the Senate.
-It was noted that there are still difficulties in electing a Chair for the Planning & Development Committee.
-Changes have been made to the webpage.  If you have something that needs to be posted and/or changed, let Chair Tate know.

-- Q: Jim Aucoin (A&S) asked why the Executive Committee is handling the question of P&T instead of the Handbook Committee.
The issue has been sent to the Faculty Senate Handbook Committee for further
consideration of the issues.

4.  Old Business.
●Resolution Endorsing a Modification to the Late Course Withdrawal Policy

After much discussion, Kelly Woodford (MCOB) offered that the idea be tabled until the next meeting. Idea was seconded. In favor of tabling: 19; against: 6; abstain: 1.

Chair Tate is sending this back to the committee requesting more detail in the proposal. Secretary Britt is to send out the new draft and early comments can be made to Eric Loomis.  The proposal will be brought up again as a new issue at the September meeting even though it is old business.

5.  New Business.
●Presentation by Shannon Shelley-Tremblay, Program Manager of the USA Youth Violence Prevention Program
This program is designed to bring faculty and staff together who are concerned about violence related issues. Program is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 1:00-3:00 P.M. in the Student Center Ballroom and all are invited to attend. Chief of USA Police and the USA legal office are scheduled to speak. Others will be there to let people know what related resources we have.  Registration is required to attend. 
Contact her and/or see the website for more information:

6.  Committee Reports.

7.  Caucus Leader Reports.

Chair Tate announced that there are still 4 Senate vacancies and hopefully they will be filled by September.

8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:56 P.M.

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