Faculty Senate 2007-08

University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
February 20, 2008
University Library, Rm.110

Approved Minutes

Present:        Amare, Aucoin, Baggett, Britt, Bru, Burnham, Carter, Crumb, Doran, Engin,   Falkos, Hamilton, Johnsten, I. Khan, King, Lauderdale, Li, Loomis, Major, McNair, Meyer, Morris, Prendergast,  Prescott, Romey, Rowell, Simpson, Tate, Tony Wright, Tootie Wright.

Excused:      Aliabadi, Allison, Brown, Byrne, Dardeau, Estis, Fresne, Haas, Irion, Z. Khan, Kinniburgh, Perez-Pineda, Pettyjohn, Porter, Prokhorov, Robinson, Sachs, Santoli, Teplick, Woodford.

Unexcused: Carnahan, Douglass, Green, Heins, Phelan, Sherman, Vrettos.

1.  The meeting was called to order at 3:04 P.M. by Chair Tate.  Quorum present at 3:14.

2.  Approval of Minutes:
Motion by Chair to approve minutes for the January 16 meeting; no changes or suggestions; unanimous approval.

3. Guest Speaker:
Vice-President for Research Dr. Russ Lea spoke about his support for increasing the enterprise of USA faculty’s scholarly work.  He began by giving an overview of his previous experience and related that part of his job here at USA is to translate what the faculty are doing into excitement for others. He stated that he wholly supports faculty release. He gave an update on some of the things he has been doing at USA since his hiring:

Dr. Lea then took questions from the floor.  Upon being asked what a faculty member can subscribe to besides IRIS, Lea stated that his office is always sending out information to the Deans and various departments.  If any faculty member would like to be put directly on the e-mailing list, just ask. When asked how a land grant analogy can be translated to USA, he answered that we must have an impact on the outside. He further stated that impact is something we can achieve.

4. Chair’s Report:  Chair Tate summarized points from the written report which is available in its entirety online. Highlights are listed as below:

5. Old Business:

6.  New Business:
Elections- Secretary Britt will be sending letters to caucus leaders to let them
know how many senators are to be elected. In composing these letters, she will re-calculate how many senators each college will have based on the latest faculty census data and will be replacing senators who have more than 3 unexcused absences.

7.  Committee Reports:
8.  Caucus Leader Reports:

9.  Meeting adjourned at 3:52 P.M.

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