Priority Time Ticket Schedule



Registration Dates and Times for Summer 2018 and Fall 2019

Registration time tickets are determined based upon the University of South Alabama Priority Registration Policy. 


Date Time Group
March 30 9:00 am Student Athletes
April 2 9:00 am Jaguar Marching Band Members
April 3 9:00 am Graduate Students
April 3 1:00 pm Students registered with Student Disability Services
April 5 9:00 am Students pending graduation
April 9 1:00 pm Students enrolled in the Honors College
April 9 9:00 am Seniors
April 11 9:00 am Juniors
April 13 9:00 am Sophomores
April 17 9:00 am Freshman
April 19 9:00 am Non Degree Students
April 23 9:00 am Pathway Students
April 30 9:00 am New Graduate Students
May 9 12:00 pm English Language Center
May 23 9:00 am New Freshman Students
May 24 9:00 am New Transfer Students
May 24 9:00 am New Non Degree Students


Time tickets will remain open from the first day of registration until 23:59 p.m. on the last day of registration.

Students who are admitted in summer will receive their fall time ticket after the last day to drop summer classes.  Students who are returning in summer will be assigned a fall time ticket after they register for summer classes.