Testing / Services Agreement

The standard University Testing / Services Agreement may be used with any type of sponsor excepting federal sponsors who are an initial or secondary source of funding. If the sponsor signs the "standard" agreement exactly as is, the negotiation process is eliminated and work may begin immediately upon obtaining the University Contract Officer signature. However, if the sponsor requests any changes to the "standard" agreement then it must route through the negotiation process with the University Attorney Office.

Please note that a University Testing / Services Agreement is used only for service performed in collaboration with a sponsor and the service work does not meet the definition of a sponsored project. Such effort is not considered "sponsored projects" and does not come through the Office of Sponsored Programs. Instead, the Project Coordinator / Department forwards the "standard" agreement, if not modified, for signature by the University Contract Officer. If the "standard" agreement is modified by the sponsor, the Project Coordinator / Department works directly with the University Attorney Office in the negotiation process.

After the sponsor makes the award, the Project Coordinator should contact the Business Office to establish an account.

For the definition of sponsored projects, please click on the link on the navigation bar or click the link below: